Keith Meyer’s trial that was expected to start Wednesday morning with opening arguments didn’t.

The 71-year-old former Davenport alderman who is representing himself in his assault case in Scott County District Court is supposed to be back in court Thursday morning as court officials say the trial was postponed a day.

Assistant Scott County Attorney Will Ripley, who is prosecuting the case, said the trial was postponed to have court stenographers transcribe the audio from the responding police officers’ squad recordings and the 911 call related to a Nov. 11 incident in front of Meyer’s home.

Meyer is accused of pointing a shotgun at his neighbor following an argument over a speed bump Meyer allegedly was building on a driveway he shares with the victim.

Ripley added the recordings were provided to Meyer on Jan. 22.

Meyer couldn’t be reached Wednesday for comment.

Ripley and Meyer spent two days picking a jury and were expected to give their opening statements Wednesday morning before Ripley presented his case.

Meyer was expected to present his case Wednesday afternoon, although on Tuesday he expressed some concern to Scott County District Judge Cheryl Traum about trying to reach his witnesses.

Meyer is charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon and faces two years in prison if found guilty.


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Take the Jessie Jackson Jr. defense. LOL


Meyer's will have to pay court cost if he is found guilty. Thus no one should be concern or cry about the cost. Have you ever been to the court house at 8:30 or 9:30am? Look at the number of people who must attend court everyday, times that by at least $100.00 per person. Scott County will run people in and out of the courtroom making about $10,000.00 per hour. I agree this is a show, only because of the media. If KWQC or the Times decide to get involved then that defendant NEVER gets a fair trial. People are way too quick to form an opinion as to guilt or innocent. I just wish the state had to pay the defendant if the defendant is found not guilty. Once charged the state should have a certain amount of time to decide if they wanna proceed, If they continue and lose, then the state should have to pay the defendant. People's life are at stake and I'm not just talking about freedom. The cost to defend yourself can ruin a person or a family. One of the things about civil law is that when you lose you get stuck with attorney fees. It should be the same in a criminal case.


I agree. The State can charge someone, and that defendant spends lots of money to win, but the State uses its paid prosecutors by the citizens to try to convict a person. Either way the defendant loses. The State should have to reimburse the defendant if the State loses.


That would only make sense if the defendant were then required to prove his or her innocence. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is an incredibly high threshold. Not meeting that threshold does not necessarily mean that the person is innocent.


Court costs do not reflect the total cost to the court system for hearing a particular case. I also find your $10,000/hour figure to be highly suspect. That would mean Scott County is on average churning 100 people through each hour at $100 a case. In 2009, There were approximately 21,375 convictions in Scott County and approximately 2080 work hours that year. That comes out to roughly 10 convictions each hour, and most of those are for lesser offenses that have court costs lower than $100. Even if all of them were at $100, that's still only $1,000/hour. You were just off by a factor of 10.

Also, according to Iowa Court Rules if a defendant does not waive his or her right to a speedy trial as guaranteed under the Constitution, the trial must commence within 90 days. Indigent defendants are afforded legal representation at state cost.

Arc Angel

Calling Joe Biden as a firearms expert


This paper keeps reporting Meyer is accused of pointing a shotgun at his neighbor. Where in any of the paperwork filed by the neighbor is it stated that he claimed Meyer pointed a shotgun at him? You will report that he allegedly was building a speed bump in a drive-way but you won't report that he was allegedly accused of pointing a shotgun... because the Times is the only one alleging such a detail. Read the affidavits. Do your job. Of course it's not as titilating if you have to report, "The police told us that the neighbor told us that he pointed a gun." I agree, this is a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars for an already overburdened court system.


With all the tax dollars spent on this one, we could all go to Cabo for vacation.


He looks like he needs a good scrub down though! Yikes!!!


This is nothing more than a dog and pony show, which is exactly what Keith wants... playing on his disabilities.. which don't seem as profound when he is talking with you face to face.


I think think just feels abused by an inadequate system and is trying to defend himself. If defending himself involves a dog and pony show, then so be it. Isn't that what the newspaper, police, and county attorneys office does?

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