A week before police say he threatened a neighbor with a shotgun, former Davenport 3rd Ward Alderman Keith Meyer submitted a comment to the city website asking if he could legally use a gun to protect his property.

The comment, made on the Davenport Action Center on Nov. 4, 2012, was among documents included in Meyer’s motion to dismiss the charge of assault while displaying a weapon. Meyer, 71, of 1010 N. Marquette St., is scheduled to appear Friday at a hearing on the motion. No attorney is listed for Meyer, so it appears he plans to represent himself.

The comment came after months of complaints by Meyer about his neighbor trespassing and damaging his property. In a letter to Police Chief Frank Donchez, Meyer accused the neighbor of aiming a handgun at his head and threatening him with a pipe wrench and asked for help seeking a restraining order.

Donchez, Assistant Chief Don Schaeffer, City Administrator Craig Malin, Scott County Attorney Mike Walton, an assistant county attorney and three police officers have been subpeonaed to appear at Friday’s hearing with a number of city and police documents.

Meyer’s comment about a shotgun came after a number of calls to police and his dissatisfaction with their response. In consultation with the Scott County Attorney’s Office, it was determined the issue between Meyer and his neighbor was a civil matter over an easement that allowed the neighbor to use a drive on Meyer’s property.

Police Lt. Mark Hanssen previously called the months of police calls “Meyer’s quest to get his neighbor arrested.”

Hanssen also wrote to Donchez in an August email that Meyer had made “overt, hypothetical comments on at least three occasions about taking care of the problem himself and shooting his neighbor.”

Meyer was arrested Nov. 11 after a man called and said his neighbor had pointed a shotgun at him, according to police.

 Meyer was building a speed bump on the jointly owned driveway he shares with the neighbor at the entrance of the neighbor’s short residential portion of the shared drive, according to police.

Meyer complained to the city in 2010 about the neighbor damaging a speed bump he built in the driveway. In the November incident, the neighbor planned to take digital pictures of the speed bump being built when Meyer approached him.

Meyer told police he felt threatened by the neighbor when the neighbor pulled up in the driveway. Meyer said he was fearful of the victim, so he got his shotgun and returned to the driveway to defend himself.

Police said Meyer’s shotgun was not loaded at the time. Officers seized the gun.

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Terry W

Well, speaking from CURRENT/PAST experience with getting the Davenport Police Dept. to do THEIR job in confronting neighbors who are harassing I can understand his frustration. I am going on 4 years of the very same, have a video and STILL can't get them to call back on getting this stopped.........maybe if they DID THEIR JOBS........you would not have people taking action themselves.......how about a cop telling you to "shoot out" a camea pointed at your house with a pellet gun, and also "I don't think that is legal"........really now.......and who do you expect to march over and tell him THAT?????? They are a joke!!


First, he knew it was a shared driveway and that his neighbor has as much a right to its use.
Second, he sounds like a person that is trying to use his one-time position to take advantage of his neighbor and get what he wants.
And third, quit your p%#*# mowning and enjoy your neighbor.

Grey Goose

If the neighbor had a carry permit he would have went AWAY.


Keith, please just go away. We are all tired of your crazy antics.

Big gut

Give the dumas his gun. It's only a matter of time before he shoots himself with it, thus solving the problem for everyone! Win, win, win!!!


And then we will get more regulations on how we conduct our lives. Is that what you want?

Make both pay half an a wall along the property line, each pay for their own driveway and leave each other alone. Plan B is to have Gluba come over and make them both sell their places and make them move away from each other. We just have to find someone who thinks the houses are ugly and it is ok.

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