The family of a Bettendorf man who took his own life after a three-hour standoff with police Wednesday question the decision by law enforcement officials that left the man alone.

Deb Wheeler of Davenport said Friday police should have arrested her brother, 42-year-old Richard E. Gless II, after he waved a gun at their sister, Rachel Gless, at his home at 5501 Joshua St.

“I don’t know if they knew what was going on, but I think they were neglectful in their duties,” Wheeler said. “If he did wave a gun at my sister, I think that gives them probable cause to go into the house, put the cuffs on him, and take him to jail. This would never have happened.”

Police went to the home about 3 p.m. on a call the man pulled a gun on a family member and made threatening motions with it, Bettendorf Police Chief Phil Redington said.

The call led to a standoff with officers from multiple departments.

Police left the scene at

6:10 p.m. after determining that no criminal charges would be filed because no one witnessed him pull the gun on the family member, Redington said.

“A witness would be somebody other than the two people involved,” Redington said.

Wheeler said nobody else saw Gless wave the gun at Rachel Gless. Still, she questioned if police could have done more.

“At the very least arrest him for disturbing the peace,” she said. “Take him into custody for his own welfare.”

Wheeler said police were called to Gless’ house one other time earlier on Wednesday, which Redington confirmed.

Gless became angry after his wife of four years, Chelsey Gless, served him divorce papers Wednesday morning, and he began drinking, Wheeler said.

Carly Mathias, an 18-year-old friend of the Gless family who lived at the Joshua Street address, said that on Wednesday, Richard Gless was walking around the house intoxicated and carrying a gun after the divorce papers came.

Mathias said Rachel Gless, who also lived in the home, called the police multiple times that day because she was worried about him.

“She said she was afraid he would do something,” Mathias said.

Mathias said police did not allow her into the home during the standoff. When she returned after it ended, Gless was alive, and she said she witnessed him shoot himself.

“I was trying to tell him not to do it,” Mathias said. “I was frozen.”

Wheeler said she can’t believe he’s gone.

“I miss my brother bad,” she said.


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There was an actual standoff. I am a neighbor I watched it all happen. But there are missing links to the story. It's tragic what happened and everyone should lay it to rest out of respect for the family. RIP


Exactly RyanB. "Standoff" is being used by the media. If there was reason to take someone into custody they would, especially 'if' a gun was involved. Obviously we don't know the full story. The shame is on the media for their lack of information in almost all stories. They look for the easiest stories to publish with the least effort. Crimes, house fires (who cares), and 'stand-off's'.
Watch this week for it!


My condolences to the family 1st and foremost. If someone's going to do this, they are going to do it no matter what you do to try and stop them. I'm guessing no one here actually knows what took place. I could call 50 times and tell the PD that my neighbor is outside walking around with a gun, and unless the PD actually catches them doing it, it's my word against theirs. Heck for all we know, the guy hid the gun and PD couldn't find one in the house. Maybe the gun being pointed at this woman never even happened. Not calling her a lier, just playing devils advocate here. The BPD has always been a class department. I think it's safe to say that there's more to the story here. Heck, I think it's safe to say the QC times is wrong on a few things, and is making up their own conclusions here, and printing them as "facts".


Bettendorf PD is so at fault they can break someones door down for a raid on your house and not find anything put cuffs on you keep you detained for hours for nothing ........but when a family member tells them there is something very wrong they play good cop bad cop and say its a family issue there hands are tied that's not so !
so sorry to the family for their loss God bless you all for the Bett. Pd shame on you ...

Nvr Fly Solo Supporter

Anyone who thinks the BPD did all they could is a fool! Anytime there is a "standoff", you'd better believe someone goes to jail. They happily put others in jail for far less than this. 1. There were complaints and concerns. 2. There was a standoff with a man with a gun. Give me a break!!! Shame on BPD!!! Protect and serve? Not that day. Now people are missing a family member and friend.

Arc Angel

So....three dyas later the Times covers this?


Just as a public service announcement two people can go to the court house and get somebody committed for psych evaluation if they feel the person is a danger to them self or others. If you feel a loved one is in trouble please look into doing this. Police and healthcare are strictly limited in what can be done in these situations. I am glad they are. It is to maintain our freedoms as citizens. Tragic incident but sometimes bad things happen that are nobody's fault. Easy to play arm chair quarterback after the fact.

senor citizen

I think a lawsuit is in the works here. Drunken stupity might been temporary on the drunk part but stupidity like death is permanent. At least no one else was hurt. I pity the cops that put up with this stuff for 20-30 years.


So no one saw this guy actually wave the gun at his sister. The other sister says "I don’t know if they knew what was going on, but I think they were neglectful in their duties". How can police be neglectful when they don't know what is going on?? And since when can police take people into custody for no reason? Everyone is fine with someone else's rights being violated as long as it doesn't affect them.

Nvr Fly Solo Supporter

Police take people "into custody" for no reason all the time. Rights are violated each and every day. Look deeper and you will see. Keep your head in the sand and you can't.

Alice in Wonderland



Yes really. Not shame on me, I wasn't there. If they did what they thought was best then that's it and it is over. The police don't have time or money to act as phycologists. They shouldn't called you, a professional.

Mental Health Advocate
Mental Health Advocate

CGE, really? some things can be helped and one is Education not only to the law enforcement but to others that do not understand what it is like to live with any type of mental illness, shame on you for saying the family should not of let it get that far, they did what they thought best two days in a row the Times had said. live a minute in my shoes and see what it is like...


We are missing something here. If there was a real to take the gun or put someone in custody the police surely would've. Family shouldn't have let it get that far if they felt there was a problem but some things cannot be helped.
One thing for sure, alcohol and guns are a bad combination!


cops are suppose to be peace makers they should have done something !

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