Jack Armstong says he fielded several calls Thursday from people who were glad he was among those who proposed a Scott County fertilizer plant.

Armstrong was among a fierce group who opposed a $1.3 billion fertilizer plant proposed between Walcott and Davenport. Touted as a nitrogen fertilizer plant, it would have produced anhydrous ammonia.

Many of those who opposed the plant fought against it because of safety concerns.

They saw those safety concerns played out in West, Texas, where an anhydrous fertilizer plant exploded, killing several and injuring more than 150.

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"I hate to see people suffer like they are down in West, Texas, but thank God that's not in Walcott, Iowa," Armstrong said.

Walcott Mayor Jim Couper agreed.

"I am sure everyone in town thought that this morning," he said. "It certainly substantiates why people were against it had reason to be against it."