Jack Armstong says he fielded several calls Thursday from people who were glad he was among those who proposed a Scott County fertilizer plant.

Armstrong was among a fierce group who opposed a $1.3 billion fertilizer plant proposed between Walcott and Davenport. Touted as a nitrogen fertilizer plant, it would have produced anhydrous ammonia.

Many of those who opposed the plant fought against it because of safety concerns.

They saw those safety concerns played out in West, Texas, where an anhydrous fertilizer plant exploded, killing several and injuring more than 150.

"I hate to see people suffer like they are down in West, Texas, but thank God that's not in Walcott, Iowa," Armstrong said.

Walcott Mayor Jim Couper agreed.

"I am sure everyone in town thought that this morning," he said. "It certainly substantiates why people were against it had reason to be against it."

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These places really need to have their own specialized firefighting equipment on site ... A small town of 2,600 with a volunteer fire department just isn't going to be equipped to handle a major industrial chemical fire ....

Those **volunteers** were in way over their heads and I think they likely knew it but they stayed and they fought to the end anyway .... They tried to buy as much time as they could so their friends and brothers could get as many people out of the way before the inevitable explosion

That ammonia can be some nasty stuff, even though I have EPA Universal (Type I, II, and III) Refrigerant handling certification no one could pay me enough to work with ammonia based refrigerants .... It's a lot like asbestos, dangerous but dirt cheap and thus highly profitable


Hey Genius .... Yeah you, the one too lazy to proofread your article (sometimes just spell check doesn't cut it)

Jack Armstrong was NOT one of the people who (your words) "proposed" a fertilizer plant, he OPPOSED it

Attention to Detail, it's what separates the Men for the Boys, the Master from the Journeyman


I would like to know what all the people on the Board of Supervisors have to say about this. They were for it.


I don't see any comments where people are still calling us outside Davenport NIMBY'S. Now you can understand where we all saw the problems and safety concerns.

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