Lincoln Brewster at Festival of Praise

The crowd at LeClaire Park in Davenport rushes the stage as Christian rock singer Lincoln Brewster and his band perform Saturday night during the 2013 Festival of Praise.  

As Amada Salinas served food Saturday in the tent of Templo Elim Assembly of God, she danced and sang and clapped her hands to the music of concert headliner Lincoln Brewster and his band.

“I love his music,” Salinas said as she joined about 2,500 people at Davenport’s LeClaire Park for the annual Festival of Praise.

Kathryn Bohn, the executive producer of the concert, said this year’s proceeds will go to help Quad-City children in crisis.

For seven months last year, Bohn said she helped a family whose mother needed a place for her two children as she got on her feet.  Bohn took them in as a foster parent.

“The family was living out of their car,” Bohn said, “and while they had food stamps, they were spending half of their food stamps on ice to keep the food cold to prevent it from spoiling.”

All of the homeless shelters and shelters for women with children were full, she said.

With Bohn’s help, the family is in an apartment. But the situation got her to thinking.

“I realized that there are a lot of Quad-City children in need, in crisis,” she said. “I realize that the church has to step up to help these children. We as Christians must help these children.

“The government can’t do it,” she said. “There are not enough people and there’s not enough money. The church has to step up as foster parents and adoptive parents.”

As Brewster sang, children passed time throwing footballs or playing Frisbee as their parents listened to the music. 

For those who needed it, a prayer tent was set up with prayer partners who were kept busy most of the night. 

The weather was far cooler than it had been over the past week, which meant people were not jockeying for position under the trees. A breeze made it quite comfortable right in the middle of the park. 

Among the worshipers was Martin Lopez, who was attending with his family.

“We’ve never missed these concerts,” he said. “I think the first one was in 2005, which was the year of Hurricane Katrina.

“The music is always good, and the money goes to a great cause,” Lopez said.

Romelia Acosta, who was working in the Templo Elim Assembly of God tent with Salinasm said their church will be hosting a walk-a-thon later this month with the money going to the same cause, helping children.