Along with the usual wreaths and bows, glass ornaments and ribbon were camouflage and door knobs that will serve as decorations for displays at this year’s Quad-City Arts Festival of Trees.

The Great River Hall of the RiverCenter in Davenport bustled Monday as designers hauled in trees and put up decorations. Designers must complete their displays by 4 p.m. today. The festival opens to the public Saturday.

Seven members of the art club at Assumption High School, Davenport, put camouflaged branches on their “Home for the Holidays” tree in the afternoon.

The branches are wire hangers covered by donated Army fatigues and in some cases, purchased fabric. American flags serve as the tree-topper.

“We thought outside the box,” Sarah Gorzney, a junior, said. “Soldiers come home for the holidays.”

The ornaments are military patches and gifts under the tree are basics such as toothbrushes, cracker packages and other treats. After the festival ends, the gifts will be sent overseas, Sarah said.

While people decorated trees, others hauled in trees and decorations, while still others wandered amid the displays as Christmas carols played. A 25-foot tree towered over a model train display.

There were white trees and green trees, baskets and wreaths, gingerbread houses and festive doors. The treat shop stood ready and waiting for treats, while snowmen and a giant stuffed moose kept trees company.

In a grove of mostly completed trees, Helayna Shaw and Loren Shaw Hellige put up their tree, with a “reclaiming the art of Christmas”  theme that features handmade ornaments of repurposed materials.

“We have door knobs and dominoes,” Helayna Shaw said, “Things you don’t think of as ornaments.”

Materials used for the angel tree topper include a spoon and lampshade.

“It is definitely covered with ornaments,” Helayna Shaw said. “We’ve got plenty of those.”

The problem, she said, looking at other trees nearby, is that their tree doesn’t have as much ribbon.