Physical fitness is a job requirement for everyone in the military, and it’s particularly valuable in the U.S. Army, said Lt. Gen. Mick Bednarek, the commander of the First U.S. Army, which has its headquarters on Arsenal Island.

Bednarek supports a fitness initiative that includes regular workouts for officers. Some 150 are visiting the Quad-Cities this week for the First Army Commander’s and Family Leadership Conference.

The officers represent some of the best people in the nation, Bednarek said, and, as trainers and leaders, should lead by example.

“What better way to set a good example than by doing it yourself?” he asked.

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Col. Steven Merkel, the First Army’s chief of staff, said the 50-minute cross-fit training session gives the team at the Arsenal headquarters a chance to show off the community to visitors. It’s also a team-building exercise.

“Cross-fit training is special. It absolutely applies to what we do, in and out of uniform,” he added.