Chad Cushman

Chad Cushman, better known as The Crepe Guy, drizzles syrup on one of his orders in February 2016 at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Bettendorf. Cushman is in the process of rebranding himself as a mobile food vendor. 

If the city of Davenport's pilot food truck program was an indication, expect lines at Bechtel Park Tuesday afternoon through evening.

The Quad-Cities Independent Food Truck Alliance will kick off a mobile food vendor event from 3-11 p.m., appealing to the eyes, nose and taste buds through the city of Davenport's new food truck ordinance.

The alliance's president, Chad Cushman, otherwise known as the Crepe Guy, said at least five vendors will be on hand to serve food curbside throughout the evening.

"It's really to get the ball rolling," Cushman said. "This will be the first official event in the food truck zones."

The mobile vendor ordinance not only established health and safety regulations consistent with traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, but also created zones for food trucks to operate in.

The Bechtel Park zone, at East 2nd and Iowa streets, will be open from 3-11 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays under normal circumstances.

A second zone on the Davenport riverfront is located in the city-owned parking lot south of West River Drive, west of Brady Street and east of Dillon Fountain near the skybridge. The riverfront zone will be open from 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday.

Cushman said the food truck alliance has talked about a similar food truck event for that zone, but details were not yet available.

The ordinance also established costs for mobile vendors to operate in city right-of-ways, including $550 for an annual permit in addition to $55 for a license.

Having played a part in the formation of the ordinance, Cushman said he was happy with its contents, which was more than he had expected.

"I'm pleased with the city, the opportunities to work in a public right-of-ways and the established of food truck zones," Cushman said. "Those really are great opportunities."

While the ordinance is new, Cushman said the alliance already is looking at ways it can branch out more.

The Davenport Parks and Recreation Department has expressed interest in working together and at least four movie in the park events are being lined up.

Cushman said he would love to see a permanent food truck court down on the riverfront some time in the future.

Since the formation of the alliance, it also has spurred interest from local businesses looking host food trucks to an almost "overwhelming" level.

Local businesses can register with the city for $100 to host food trucks through a special occurrence application.

All of this adds up to future development for the food truck industry in Davenport.

"The pilot program was wildly successful, and there was a lot of positive things to come out of it," Cushman said. "This is just the beginning."