WATERLOO — A former Davenport man will be going to prison for masquerading as a woman for several months.

Authorities said Paul Henry Cannon, 44, used the birthday and Social Security information of Shelia Davis to open a bank account in her name in Waterloo.

He also dressed as a woman and was issued a driver’s license under Davis’ name and held two jobs in Waterloo disguised as her, according to court records.

On Friday, Judge David Staudt sentenced Cannon to 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud, theft, identity theft, forgery and malicious prosecution.

Cannon — who has prior convictions for stealing cars in Davenport — said he was sorry for what he did.

“I’d like to apologize to the court, society,” Cannon said. “I’m willing to accept my punishment.”

Assistant County Attorney Brian Williams said Davis is mentally challenged, and Cannon knew her from the Davenport area. He said she has since moved to Kansas City.

Court records said Cannon used a bank account he opened in the woman’s name to pass $600 worth of bad checks at Waterloo convenience stores in October and November 2010, showing the driver’s license as identification. He also worked at Tyson Fresh Meats under Davis’ name in August and September 2010 and at Burger King.

The ruse began to unravel in October 2010 when Iowa State Patrol troopers stopped Cannon when he was dressed as a woman for driving 92 mph on Interstate 380 in Black Hawk County.

“He was found in a stolen vehicle, and he gave the name of Shelia Davis,” Williams said. Cannon also had the driver’s license, which identified him as Davis.

It wasn’t until later that troopers realized the vehicle, an Infiniti that was taken from Davenport, was stolen. When they went to make the arrest, they picked up the real Shelia Davis in Kansas City, Williams said.

It soon became apparent they had the wrong person, and Cannon was arrested in Waterloo in July 2011.

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One ugly woman? I mean Ester from Sanford & Son was better looking.

senor citizen

Willing to accept his, her, it's, punishment. Who cares, just jail the individual. Sounds just like the suggestion for a reality show is appropriate. Maybe a few tattoos and tee shirt 3 sizes too small.


Wow, what an odd story. How do someone have the conscious to do something like this? Looking at his picture, I can see why it was so easy for him to pass as a women. Not far off with his natural look.


Held two jobs as a woman......Now that's a reality tv program waiting to happen. This guy missed his calling as an actor. Or would that be actress?


Just when you think you've heard it all.

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