The Davenport City Council voted Wednesday to award a $2.44 million bid for reconstruction of Rockingham Road to Rock Island's Langman Construction. The lowest bidder, Brandt Construction, was disqualified.


It's taken years to get the Rockingham Road reconstruction project off the ground, but the city of Davenport is prepared to award the bid for the project next week.

The City Council will vote on whether to award the bid to Langman Construction for more than $2.44 million, which was not the lowest bid the city received.

Finance Director Brandon Wright disqualified a bid from Brandt Construction Co., citing significant delays in previous projects, such as the Jersey Ridge project, which led to negative community effects.

In a memo provided to the City Council, Wright said "the project manager gave Brandt a minimum score of 2 in the areas of 'Completion on Schedule' as well as 'Minimum Gaps Between Work Days.' Brandt also received a substandard score of 1.5 in the area of 'high quality citizen interaction, including notification to citizens of disruptions.'"

Wright also cited failure to adequately maintain project paperwork and documentation, especially related to change orders in his decision.

"It was based primarily on the contractor evaluation of the previous contract with Jersey Ridge Road and the findings from that," Wright said.

Langman Construction's bid was almost $200,000 more than the bid from Brandt Construction.

The city received a total of five bids for the project but deemed that only four were from responsive and responsible outfits.

Greg Jager, an attorney from the Pastrnak Law Firm, which represents Brandt, said an appeal also was denied by City Administrator Corri Spiegel.

In her decision letter to Brandt, Spiegel wrote, "the specific issues experienced as part of the Jersey Ridge project have a likelihood of reoccurrence in the Rockingham Road project, where sensitivity to construction impacts for both the business community and traveling public remain of utmost concern."

Jager said Brandt Construction has done more than $22 million worth of infrastructure work in the city over the past 10 years.

"If you end up spending more than $200,000 on this project, that's $200,000 you don't have for other infrastructure needs," Jager said.

Doug House, a representative of the Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting, told the City Council during Wednesday's committee-of-the-whole meeting that his labor organization supported the city's recommendation.

"We have reviewed all the staff's recommendations and materials and have supplied additional materials that are necessary," House said. "We would ask for your support of staff's recommendations to move forward to support Langman Construction as the lowest responsible bidder."

Davenport is not alone is having problems with Brandt Construction.

The Rock Island City Council lambasted Brandt for missing deadlines last year with regard to its sewer relief project on 6th Avenue.

"We've had other communities in the Quad-Cities with issues with Brandt," Alderman Ray Ambrose, 4th Ward, said.

The council will make its decision next week, but Brandt still has not exhausted all of its appeals.

"We have not made the decision whether to appeal further to the full council," Jager said.