Costco mania is coming to Davenport.

The city of Davenport teased the economic development news on its Facebook page Thursday morning and have confirmed that the largest membership-only warehouse store is coming to the city.

A spokesman for Costco declined to confirm the news, citing store policy.

“It’s great news, and they’ve been interested in the community for some time,” Mayor Frank Klipsch said. “For months, even before I was elected, I’d hear about residents saying, ‘Try and get us a Costco.’ It’s one of those retailers a lot of people want.”

The proposed site is on roughly 17 acres of land immediately west of Fire Station No. 8 on the north side of East 53rd Street.

A public meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. May 4 at the Eastern Avenue Library, 6000 Eastern Ave., Davenport.

While Costco has worked with the property owner about building a store at the site, Klipsch said more details will come out at the public meeting, including working with residents about potential concerns.

“To my knowledge, they’re not asking for any financial assistance, but there’s still a lot of details to work out,” Klipsch said.

The proposed site is in the 6th Ward, and although its alderman, Jeff Justin, has some concerns of his own, he was pleased that Davenport was able to attract the major retailer.

“We’ve been discussing bring a retailer like Costco for some time,” Justin said. “From what I gather, it’s a reputable business, and they treat their employees well. My concern with the location is the traffic and neighborhood impact, but I’m confident we’ll work things out, and it will be a great addition to the corridor.”