The city of Davenport has proposed temporarily extending the CitiBus operations management agreement with First Transit Inc. as negotiations with MetroLINK progress.

The city's current agreement with First Transit is set to expire on Sept. 30, but any agreement with MetroLINK will take at least six months to formulate so that the city can adequately research and develop the terms and conditions.

The amended management agreement calls for an extension of six months at a monthly service fee of $47,644.66.

The new monthly management fee reflects a 3.25 percent increase from First Transit's previously contracted rate.

In the event Davenport and MetroLINK strike a deal prior to completion of the six-month contract, 60 days written notice is required.

Davenport's monthly fee would decrease by $5,019 for each dispatcher eliminated should the transfer of dispatching responsibilities to MetroLINK occur prior to ceasing all other day-to-day management responsibilities.

No changes will be made to the terms and conditions of the original agreement, which originally began on Oct. 1, 2011.

First Transit Inc. has maintained operations of CitiBus for the last 13 years.

MetroLINK is the major mass transit provider in the Illinois Quad-Cities.