SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- A South Sioux City man born with a rare form of dwarfism will be a special guest of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at tonight's presidential debate in Las Vegas, the Clinton campaign said Tuesday.

Ryan Moore, 29, also is featured in a new Clinton campaign video in which he shares the story of his more than 20-year friendship with the former first lady.

At age 7, Moore and his family met Clinton at a 1994 congressional hearing where she advocated for a national health care reform plan backed by then-President Bill Clinton. She has kept in touch with Moore ever since then.

As an infant, he had several medical issues and surgeries. Companies didn't want to hire his father because they would be required to pay for Moore's health care. The Moore family was one of seven families chosen to testify at the 1994 Congressional hearing in Washington.

“I don’t know what it was about our family that she spotted right away, and came over to my parents,” he says in the video.

Clinton then held Ryan while addressing those in attendance.

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Moore was later mentioned in two of Clinton's books, including her 1996 book "It Takes a Village."

In the Clinton campaign video released Tuesday, titled "Ryan," Moore tells how Clinton kept the photo of her holding him at the 1994 event inside the White House and then gave it to him when he visited her prior to a major surgery.

"She looks at me the way I always wanted to be looked at by everyone," Moore says in the video.

Moore, an instructional technology leader with the South Sioux City school district, spoke on behalf of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention in July in Philadelphia. In his prime time address, he shared his personal story and how Clinton had supported him over the years.

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