The crowded race for Davenport's alderman at-large positions continues to grow as lifelong Quad-City resident and small business owner JJ Condon has announced his intent to run for office.

Condon has a track record of public service as he currently serves on the board of directors of River Action Inc. and as a member of the Zoning Advisory Committee.

"I feel fortunate to be from a community where you can live affordably, build opportunity for your family and participate in shaping its future," Condon said. "I’m optimistic about the direction the city is moving, but we are faced with important tasks moving forward.”

Condon said he has plans to prioritize the revitalization of neighborhoods, holding the line on taxes and investing in infrastructure.

"Supporting an environment that invites businesses and entrepreneurs that provide good-paying jobs has to continue to be an emphasis for the council," Condon said. "When our employers are doing well, we all share in the success. But we also need to turn an eye towards long-term smart city planning as it relates to our aging neighborhoods and thoughtful continued growth to the north and west."

As for the riverfront, Condon said that while there needs to be protection against overdevelopment, he was not in favor of empty greenspaces.

Instead, Condon said the city needs to plan for an area that engages residents, whom he called "an essential ingredient to any urban waterfront."

"As we begin to plan once again, I hope we can set a course forward and implement one of these designs," Condon said. "A world class riverfront park surrounded by a thriving downtown bolsters so many aspects of our city’s economic potential.”

Condon is the co-owner of Applestone Homes Inc., in addition to being a Realtor with Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors.