Activist Sandra Fluke and actor Tate Donovan made a stop in Davenport this morning, promoting President Obama’s support of women’s issues and the importance of early voting.

The duo, aboard the bus, made a stop in Davenport to counter the presence of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s visit to eastern Iowa today.

Fluke was thrust into national prominence earlier this year after radio host Rush Limbaugh hurled insults at her for her testimony regarding women’s health and reproductive rights. Women at the event at the Obama campaign’s Davenport office flocked to her after speaking.

Donovan, a movie and television actor whose career has spanned more than two decades, stood off to the side after the event, watching Fluke meet Obama supporters.

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“She is a star, especially to me,” Donovan said. “She took just such an awful situation and it is amazing what she has done.”

Fluke doesn’t put the spotlight on herself, but rather what her situation represents in what she calls an important election.

“I think people respect someone for stepping forward and getting involved and making their voice heard,” she said, “not just on women’s rights, but for the middle class.”

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