Eric Reyes, the Rock Island lawyer who was seeking the Republican nomination to run in Illinois' 17th Congressional District, has withdrawn from the race.

Reyes, who was making his second bid for the office, said in a statement he was withdrawing because didn't want to see the GOP divided and waste resources.

Reyes was running against former Rep. Bobby Schilling for the nomination. However, his petition was being challenged by two residents of the district.

Schilling's campaign said it didn't initiate the challenge but of the 770 signatures on Reyes' petition, 300 weren't registered voters and some were forgeries.

Reyes had said in response that he was comfortable he had enough valid signatures.

In 2012, his petition to run as an independent was thrown out because of an insufficient number of signatures.

Reyes did not say directly whether he might run for a different office in the future but he would seek to advance his principles "by other means."

He added, "I have no intention of standing by and watching our great state go the way of Detroit."

Schilling is seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., who defeated him in the 2012 election.

Neither now has opposition in the March primary.

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I love it when Liberals get in here and try to imitate republicans. Pretty sure most people see through them. Congrats to Eric for advancing conservative principles and for doing the right thing. With all the special interest money and with even Oregon Liberals writing checks for Bustos, we need to go at her with a unified focused campaign. Bobby Schilling is clearly the best candidate to take back the seat. As Congressman, Schilling represented all the district not just the leftists and AFSCME. Schilling knew how to vote the tough votes and he knew how to build cross-aisle coalitions (working with local democrats on the arsenal for example).


I wonder how much Bobby and the Tea Party paid him to not run.


Why can't we have a good republican candidate instead of tea party schilling!? I know the 17th is pretty blue, but come he really the best we can muster!?

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