Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said in Davenport today that the country is at a key juncture and it’s time to turn away from President Barack Obama’s policies, which he argued would lead to higher taxes and debt.

Romney had planned to go to Wisconsin tonight and back to Des Moines tomorrow for campaign stops, but those events were canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.The campaign announced before his appearance at Seven Cities Sod in northwest Davenport today that he would step off the trail as the East Coast deals with the potentially calamitous storm.

The president also has suspended campaigning. He’s returned to Washington, D.C., to monitor developments.

In a 21-minute speech here, Romney said the time had come for “big change.”

“I look at this election as a turning point,” Romney told to the crowd. “We need to take a new course, and so on day one, I’ll propose real change.”

He said he would cut the corporate tax rate and reduce individual tax rates by 20 percent.

He also said that he has a plan to improve the economy and that he would work across the aisle with Democrats to break partisan gridlock.

“There is common ground between us,” he said.

Romney was critical of the president’s record on a range of subjects. He said 23 million people are struggling to find jobs and debt is too high, and he warned that taxes on businesses and the middle class would go up if the president is re-elected.

Prior to the bulk of his remarks, the former Massachusetts governor acknowledged the difficulties faced by people on the East Coast because of the storm, and he asked the crowd for their thoughts and prayers.

An enthusiastic audience greeted Romney. “Eight more days, eight more days,” they chanted.

Anne Hawks of Maquoketa said she is confident going into the final days of the election. She said she already had cast a ballot for Romney before the first debate but it was more an anti-Obama statement. After the debate, she said she felt reassured.

“After watching that debate, we feel so much positive energy toward Romney,” said Hawks, who attended the rally with her husband, Mike.

Ken Sagar, president of the Iowa Federation of Labor, led a group of local Democrats before Romney’s appearance to counter his message. They said Romney has tried to dodge his past statements and appear more centrist than he really is.

“Throughout the campaign, Mitt Romney has shown that he will say anything to get elected,” Sagar said. “And now with only eight days left before Election Day, he is attempting to simply run out the clock by refusing to offer specific details on how his plan will actually create jobs in Iowa, and that’s unacceptable.”

Just as the president’s visit to Davenport last week came on the same day that Romney was in Cedar Rapids, first lady Michelle Obama was only 60 miles away from here today, campaigning in Iowa City. She also was going to Sioux City.

The state’s six electoral votes are being vigorously courted by both sides.

Romney was introduced at the rally in Davenport by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. University of Iowa wrestling legend Dan Gable and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus also were at the rally and spoke.

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Over taxed

Yo Devin, did you complete the comparison of the number of Obama vs. Romney articles?


OT, were you able to calm yourself down after reading Sunday's op-ed page or did you have to call 911?

Over taxed

Believe it or not, I didn't read it online. I did read the hard copy. I was certainly surprised by the endorsement, though. Based on more recent articles, it appears that the presidential endorsement was an outlier for Ridolfi et al. With the new pay-to-play scheme, I find myself rationing what I read online. I want to save some of my freebies for the day after the election. :-) Thanks for the research Devin.

Devin H
Devin H

Hey! I asked you to do the legwork. ;) Just a sec...

Devin H
Devin H

Ok, now this is not scientific by any means. Just a 5 day search or articles leading up to the events, and I had 12-13 for Obama, and 10-11 for Romney. That's excluding the protesting articles, and/or any letters to editor. So, not a huge difference that I see.

Devin H
Devin H

I left out the one about Brandstad talking about tons of lawyers coming here, and wasn't sure if the Ann romney one should count or not. Again, not scientific at all. :)

Did you count the number of times Over Taxed trolled about Romney? how about the fact that the "Times Democrat" as you refer to the paper, which you claim is 100 percent behind the current president, came out and ENDORSED ROMNEY?

Still waiting for that apology - although, you are much to shallow to do so.


Romney will be a great President for "all" of the people. He will be focused on managing the country, not running around making stump speeches and playing golf every day.


I hope you really do not believe that, as governor of MA he was not available 417 days! Yea he took over a year of days off. When are you people going to open your eyes and see this snake for who/what he really is. He is out for his rich buddies and himself and no one else.

He has to get elected, first, and so far, you've been in the wrong on every prediction I've seen you make.

I notice Bustos is ahead in the polls. Glad your city helped get her elected!


From an editorial in the New York Times:

At a Republican primary debate last year, Mr. Romney was asked whether emergency management was a function that should be returned to the states. He not only agreed, he went further.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better.” Mr. Romney not only believes that states acting independently can handle the response to a vast East Coast storm better than Washington, but that profit-making companies can do an even better job. He said it was “immoral” for the federal government to do all these things if it means increasing the debt.


How can anyone be so blind. Don't they know that Obama is trying to make our great country a Socialistic one? His heath care plan puts the government in charge. His welfare programs have hundreds more people that are dependent on the government to pay for their living expenses.The list goes on & on.These are Socialistic programs. Do we want to be a Socialist country, I would hope not, for there goes the free enterprise system. Exactly what has Nobama done in the last 3 1/2 years. He managed to increase our debt more than ALL the presidents before him, combined. His failed energy program has caused gasoline prices to double during his regeime. Why, you ask? He has drasticially cut the number of licenses issued for drilling right on government lands. He wants to promote "Green Energy", however, several of the companies that he gave stimilus money, have gone bankrupt. This cost tax payers millions upon millions of wasted money. Let's talk some more about health care. His Nobamacare would eliminate Advantage Plans, such as Humana, etc, for those on Medicare.If you are 75, or older, a panal of 15 non-medical people will have the right to deny you procedures, such as heart surgery, etc.You can say that AARP endorses Nobamacare. This comes as no surprise, because AARP wants to sell expensive MedGap prolocies that will make them millions of dollars. Your readers have listed several things that they don't like about Romney. I have listed just a few areas that would put our beloved country in peril, if Nobama is re-elected. There are manty, many more. If you doubt my thoughts, don't take my word for it, go to & check it out. If you want to see our great country go down the porcelain fixture, then vote for Nobama. If you want to see us regain the stability, that we once had, then vote for Romney


How can you be so blind,,, where do you think the model for Obama care came from?? From something called Romeny care, the brain storm of your wonderful Mr. Romney, but he now distances himself from it and says he doesnt support government mandated healthcare.. Gas prices have not doubled during his term this is simply untrue propaganda that you have blindly accepted as true. The cost of gas in June of 2008, the early stages of the heavy summer driving season and during the presidential campaign, was $4.10 per gallon. The 2008 gas crisis hit its peak one month later with prices averaging $4.11 per gallon.

Source: Consumer Reports
This was before Obama took office! A few months later gas prices did fall briefly but then steadily rose back to where they had been. Everything you are saying about the medical panal has been proven numerous times to be a lie and even good ole Mitt had to admit that it isnt true. Do a little research,, the factcheck site you mention goes completely against what you are saying here. In fact most of the things they called outright lies came from MITT. Mitt's supporters are banks and financial institutions because they know he wants to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Obamas top supporters are colleges and technology companies. Romney flip flops what he believes so often I do not know how you can believe he has a committment to anything!

Odd statement. Perhaps you should learn to read, and start with the ACA. It' doesn't put the government in charge. It puts PRIVATE insurance cmpanies in charge.

They aren't his welfare programs, they started under Nixon and reagan.

Solydra / green energy started under Bush, and friends of GW Bush were on the board of Solyndra.

The 15 people are medical - just the same as the existing boards that exist for private insurance companies.

You can't be believed if your tongue came notorized. I did fact check everything you said - and it contradicts what you just claimed.


For those of you who are unhappy with both candidates, I was recently told about a third candidate who doesnt get as much recognition. Im not going to say he is right for you,, but I think you might be interested in checking him out. Here is a link to the page


People continued to arrive right up until Mr. Romney spoke. If he had been on time hundreds would have missed his speach. Yes it was a stump speech but its purpose was not to gain favor with those who tune out his message but to galvanize those that understand it.


Romney cannot be trusted on myriad levels, but especially when it comes to money. He conceals hundreds-of-millions of dollars offshore to avoid paying taxes, and he lies about his tax plan that will save him millions. His plan would eliminate tax on long-term capital gains and the wealthy would then pay ZERO Income Tax... and get Tax Breaks too! Good for them....BAD NEW FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS...
With the GOP Tea Party in control I can see our Social Security account being privatized and with Dodd-Frank repealed another Wall Street meltdown will leave me and many like my family impoverished and without affordable healthcare...
Mitt has been a American job destroyer, instead of a job creator...As Governor..he OUTSOURCED STATE JOBS TO INDIA! And we think this guy cares about the average American?


NOT ALL OF US ARE DISTRACTED ... THERE IS ALLOT A STAKE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS...During the 1st debate, Romney claimed he would include Pre-existing conditions in his plan...the next day his campaign said that was NOT his position...... you get Romney's Voucher OR try to get Insurance for your Sick Family Member...GOOD LUCK IN FINDING AN INSURANCE THAT COVERS PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS! ...I bet those people who voted for Romney won't be snickering at Obamas Affordable Care Act once Romney kills it on the first day of office if elected.

“The non-partisan AARP says Obamacare cracks down on Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits,” the ad’s narrator says. “And the Ryan plan? AARP says it would undermine Medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors. And experts say Ryan’s voucher plan could raise future retirees’ costs by more than $6,000.”.....

WE should not have to lose our home and life savings paying for hospital bills that could wipe us out financially. Most of us have worked hard to provide for our families...we need a President who represents ALL of us...NOT just the upper 2%...

The Debates gave us a look at each candidate. I am a Republican who is voting in the BEST interest of my family. As far as Barrack Obama...whatever faults he has, they are nothing compared to those of his opponent. Obama has been intellectually honest with the public, respectful of his critics, willing to listen to people of opposing views. He has led the nation into a steadily stronger economy.


Once again, the next US presidential election will be fixed. Mitt Romney will be elected even though Barack Obama would have received more votes in the presidential election. The political assassination will be perpetrated by Bush hiding behind Crossroads GPS, the most influential group of Neocons.

The Neocons will have Mitt Romney elected to first use him and then let him fall easy prey. All blames and responsibilities will fall on the new Mormon president for the events already planned.

The new World War of Religion is already a done deal behind the backs of all people to bring chaos and poverty and to favor in the end the rise of one New World Order.

Once revolutions will have occurred all over the World they soon need to be coordinated.

Worldwide Referendum broadcasted Live simultaneously on large screens in the squares of each Country could answer specific questions selected to decide what type of Democracy will exist in a new Humankind.

The platform of an alternative to the Zionist Plan must focus on the solution of one Human dilemma which is at its root: the conflict between Equality and Individualism.

The Last Revolution will also require a leap in our thinking and a new way to view ourselves.

Wavevolution is a new discovery that should soon become public all over the World to reveal the Creation, awaken one new global awareness and form a new platform
for Equality.

From the start it should be clear why we would want to live with Respect and also clear what is the alternative. Equality or Slavery are the only two roads.

The strongest opposition for Equality will come from that concept of Israel which is built around Individualism and one “chosen people”.

The Dictator of a New World Order will soon become one reality unless there will be a new movement coordinated in each Country and operated with strategic timing.

The next US president will start his new job on January 21 2013.
The new Israeli election instead will be on January 22 2013.
These two dates are overlapped in preparation for War. After the US elections and before those in Israel it will be the best time for the birth of one single Front to counter the Zionist Plan

Fred W

Did Mitt talk today about his opposition to FEMA funding and his wish to put it in the hands of the states? He was promoting this during the primary debates. FEMA you know is one of those big, bad government programs that is sucking the life out of the fiscal budget. Ooops, he couldn't say that today with the eastern seaboard currently being devastated and FEMA disaster relief on its way to all those Republican governors.

Jim from Bettendorf

In other news, Obama is doing his job today.


What, no appearances on MTV?

just curious

A little too late - why wasn't he doing his job all the other years? He squandeed two years on obamacare that the majority of Americans did not/do not want and it does not address the needs of healthcare - lowering costs - and adds millions of folks to 'the system' without any more drs. He called a joint session of Congress to announce his plan for creating jobs. When members of Congress examined this "plan" they discovered that the "plan" was just as they had heard - it was a speech with nothing ne, no plan just words. Why wasn't he doing his job when the investigation into "fast and furious" began? When investigators asked for a certain amount of papers to determin what, when and who they recieved a very small amount and an order granting executive privelege to both himself and the DOJ? Why wasn't he doing his job to protect the consulate in Benghazi when the same consulate had suffered attacks recently, they had requested additional security, the Red Cross had pulled out over safety concerns as well as the British embassy? A real-time video was sent to the White House which clearly showed a terrorist attack, yet representatives of the White House, including barack hussein, lied to the public for weeks on end that the attack was a result of a "spontaneous" protest over some youtube video. I guess sitting at a desk and reading from a teleprompter about how folks should take precaustions and that FEMA will be there to help qualifies as "doing his job". I say it is about darn time he did something that resembles his job.

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