U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Ill., and Democrat Cheri Bustos both released polling data Monday they say shows they’re well positioned to win the 17th Congressional District race in November.

Schilling kicked off the duel with a new internal poll that says he’s leading Bustos by a 13-point margin. The poll, done by Public Opinion Strategies, said 50 percent of 400 likely voters in the district are backing the incumbent, and 37 percent favor Bustos.

The poll was done Aug. 8-9 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

That prompted the Bustos campaign to say the campaign hasn’t really begun yet, and with its Democratic leanings, the district is favorably disposed to the former hospital executive and journalist.

“Labor Day is two weeks away. This race has yet to begin,” Allison Jaslow, Bustos’ campaign manager, said in a memo.

There has been little advertising thus far in the race, and only then by a pair of independent groups.

Neither campaign is on the air yet. Both parties, however, are closely watching the contest and have reserved ad time for the fall. Both campaigns are furiously raising money, too, much of it to be spent on television.

The Schilling campaign’s poll says the congressman has a wide lead over Bustos in name identification in the newly drawn district, 84 percent to 49 percent. And in a summary, the pollster said Bustos is “quickly running out of time” to make this a serious race.

The Bustos campaign dismissed that idea.

It released a June memo from its own pollster, GBA Strategies, that says a February survey showed Bustos trailing by nine points, 44-35, even though she is less known. That poll also had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points. The Bustos pollster said voters are receptive to her message and Schilling’s initial advantage is “built on sand.”

The 17th District includes the Illinois Quad-Cities and parts of Rockford and Peoria.

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Schilling voted in lock step with Ryan and TODD AKIN, that all I need to know. The anti-woman pack of of GOP fools actually thought they could place women at the back of the buss when I have two daughters and the most wonderful wife anyone could imagine.

Take your GOP extremist hate for women and our first black president and shove it where the sun don`t shine. You`re party has bee high-jacked never to be seen again as part of the mainstream, Think not check out the hate for women GOP platform.....


Devin H says Schilling has a lot of young people working for him and that’s a good sign. 2 young people came to me campaigning for Schilling and wanted to give me some literature and a stickers. I told them before I take you campaign literature I would like to ask you some questions. I asked why they were supporting Schilling? They answered me that he was a man with a cause. I asked what cause is that? They kind of stammered, so I asked what about Obamacare? They said yea, Bobby is going to do away with Obamacare. I then asked them, why did Bobby vote to fund Obamacare? I also asked why did he vote to increase the debt ceiling? They both said, well we have to get going and they left. So Devin, do these people portray what Bobby Schilling is all about? It appears they can’t answer the tough questions, just like the person they are supporting. As far as Durbin backing Bustos, all 3 candidates debated, and they all got their campaign issues and solutions out to the people. This is a democracy, and you can vote for whom ever you like, no matter who they are endorsed by. I watched the Democratic debate with an open mind, and I thought Bustos came out on top with Gaulrapp a very close second. I vote Bustos, because Schilling has not kept his promises and he is a true politician as we have come to know, he tells you one thing and votes another.


If I can control my own polling I am quite sure that I would come out on top as well. Schilling has fallen with the rest of the House in Washington. One of the worse in US history. The party of no. I haven't seen anything great that he has done here in the past two years. Nothing. Notta. Zelsh. Zero.

Devin H
Devin H

p.s. My post is meant to be an examination. Schillings folks are nice people and working hard, but I don't like how they are using the Glenn Beck style communication (calling people astro-turf rent-a-protesters, etc. is unecessary and reflects poorly on schilling, whether or not the people were from Peoria). They can do better than that. Especially if these young men want to establish the Repubs in the 17th again. Look back at how Tom Railsback communicated. Anyway, I don't like how Bustos was crowned by Lord Durbin either. She comes across as an elitist and that going to turn off a lot of people. Bobby has that down-to-earth charm at least.

Devin H
Devin H

p.p.s. I'd vote for Bobby if I was in the district. The coronation of Bustos was a slap in the face to the democratic primary voters. Durbin should stay out of it. Aguilar probably would have won if the playing field was level, and he's a down to earth guy like Schilling. That would have been a much more interesting race...this one is going to be all about attacking Schilling.

Devin H
Devin H

I visited the QC a couple weeks ago and was extremely surprised at the lack of yard signage for Bustos. Not saying that yard signs win or lose an election, but they are a good indicator of the door-to-door, grassroots organizing of a campaign. If she isn't out doing that in full force already (they are saying the race doesn't start till Labor Day), then she is going to have to be doing this practically every day and have tons of volunteers helping out. She is not well known. Social Media is not the key to this election, and that's what she's been focusing on. This is an aging district, that requires face to face communication. The Schilling campaign is run by very young people too, as you can see the immaturity in a lot of their communication, but at least they are focusing on the grassroots campaigning, which wins or loses the 17th. We'll see what happens after Labor Day.


You can take all the polls you want, for them to mean anything people have got to get themselves informed. Our incumbent Bobby Schilling has voted to increase our debt ceiling, which also in the same bill had funding for Obamacare. How can you trust a congressman from your district that ran his last campaign mainly on these 2 issues and jobs, then votes like this? How can you vote to fund Obamacare and then say you are for repealing it? Worker united brings up another trust issue about Congressman Schilling. Sensata in Freeport, Schilling writes the CEO of the company, to keep the plant open. Our Congressman goes back to Washington and votes against, “The Bring the Jobs Home Act.” Our Congressman Schilling uses a scare tactic, tells people that the 2% tax on medical devices will send jobs overseas. This tax would do no such thing and had nothing to do with sending jobs overseas if you read the bill. It is time to put someone in the 17th District office that we can trust and that will represent the needs of the people.


NME, we have had Bobby Schilling for almost 2 years, and we definitely know he is not the answer. Why not give Cheri Bustos a shot, she can’t be any worse, and if we have to, in two years we can vote her out.


Illinois, be careful. Those of us who worked with her must warn you... Is she genuine or is she hype? Is she really looking out for YOU of is she looking out for Cheri? Come on, do you really think she went into healthcare for 3 years because she wanted to make a difference? Do you think that possibly healthcare is the hottest topic in politics and having a stint as a "healthcare executive" could have been strategic?

Not that Schilling is a great alternative, just hoping you wake up.

Worker United

I wonder how many Blue collar middleclass constituents were in that poll taken by the Schilling campaign. As a blue collar worker, I know I wasn’t included and I haven’t heard of anyone that got polled. Next time that the Schilling campaign wants to take a legitimate poll, they should stand outside one of our manufacturing workplaces in the district. Try Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Il. and see what kind of poll results you get. I really believe the next 2 months Bustos will come on strong and in the end she will be the victor.


Can't you Libs come up with another word besides 'extremeist'? What could be more extreme than taking a scaple and slicing up a baby in the womb. That is about as extreme as it gets. I haven't come across any statements that Mr. Schilling has used that comes close to that of Akin. If you make a statement then quote sources, GED graduates. On the scale of 1 to 10 the issue of abortion ranks at 7%. National polling now shows that Pro-Lifers are at 51% while Pro-Murderers are at 41%. Figure it out. It's a losing issue. The economy and then national security rank #1 and #2, losers. There's a saying about libs that is appropo: "All mouth and no hat".

Big Gus

Looks like lots of folks rootin' for ol' "Cherry" here this evening.

Freedom Stand

Cheri, I cannot wait until your campaign ads start coming out revealing the real Bobby Schilling. You have ample ammunition if you use the way Bobby votes in contrast to what he tells his constituents. Many people Cheri do not look to see how Schilling has voted; they only believe what he tells them. They need someone like you to expose him. The Schilling campaign thinks they are going to have a cake walk because you have not been in the public eye like our congressman has every time you turn on the TV, open a newspaper, or get your congressional mailers. Schilling stands totally behind Paul Ryan and Scott Walker on every issue. OPIE 1, you failed to mention how Paul Ryan said he had never taken any stimulus money for his district. When the Democrats produced the paperwork with his signature on it, Ryan retracted his statement and said that slipped his mind. Kind of like Schilling signing a contract saying he would vote on no bill before he has read it. Have you also noticed how Schilling agreed to only one debate, and it is the same night as the V.P. candidates’ debate? Just another time of many, Bobby Schilling dodging the issues and questions that need to be answered. Go get him Cheri, the next two months and two congressional years are yours for the taking.


Another FLIP FLOP from the GOP= Yesterday Ryan had the exact same beliefs as seen by his past votes and statement s as Akin has and was proud to say so-then Akin from Mo. opened his mouth and now today,all these beliefs changed to a woman has every right to an abortion if raped, a victim of incest, or from health complications. Amazing how you go from no abortions for any reason to this.

Send the clown extremist packing, because all Akin did was say out loud, what just about all republicans believe. If not there would not be the war on women`s rights we seen in the past two years. Rape and abortion is in the GOP plank just as this clown Akin said out loud. Is that how anyone wants to treat our wives or daughters?

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes

You seem awfully hung up on one guy here (Akin) as if the topic of the day is somehow reflective of all individuals of the party he/she's affiliated with (simple, yet convenient).... based on your presumptions should we just start lumping all Democrats under the same banner as that of Rep. Kerry Gauthier (D-MN)??

There's a big difference between standing against abortions and being grotesquely misinformed (not to mention lacking a basic medical understanding of the human body).


After the Akin debacle in Mo. and the extremist views of Rep Schilling on abortion, rape, and birth control, I think you will see a drastic change in the polls, soon.. The freshman republican Schilling has the very same beliefs as Akin who opened his mouth and said out loud what he as well as the anti-women GOP party believes and has tried to legislate. Ryan was a co-sponsor of the Akin`s bill trying to re-define what rape is and Rep. Schilling voted in favor of re-defining rape. When that bill failed the re-worded the bill and it failed once again, with Schilling vote in support..

I want to hear every republican in this area running for re-election to dis-avow the ignorance of claiming rape is not really rape. You want less government control Rep.Schilling, here`s your chance to prove it by demanding all women are equal. Tell VP nominee Ryan who is in full agreement with Congressman Akin on women`s rights he is dead wrong.

Will you have the guts to tell us you will not vote with these fools, or will you follow along like a lap dog following orders to keep your mouth shut and hope this blows over ???


Schilling sent out five informative mailers with updates on issues Congress was considering and actions Congressman Schilling was taking on behalf of constituents.

His questionnaire asked for feedback, so the Congressman could know what issues were of concern. Two postcards specifically regarding Medicare, two postcards inviting folks to the opening of new regional district offices and one postcard inviting folks to a forum on veterans issues. Three letters specifically regarding ways we could help veterans.


Can we have a third option?


Sabato’s Crystal Ball, has Schilling losing his seat as of his latest prediction August 16, 2012. Professor Larry J. Sabato is one of the most accurate at predicting election outcomes. This is according to Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. In the 2002 US House elections Sabato, picked 433 of the 435 correctly. I think the Professor might have a little more experience in political polling than the Schilling campaign. Bustos is idling yet in her campaign, Schilling has been going at full throttle campaign since his term started. He has taken full advantage of taxpayer money with his congressional mailers. No more than taxpayer funded campaign ads. Cheri is very much in this race with barely starting her campaign engine. Schilling is about to run out of gas.

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes

I love when leftists berate politicians (er, R) for spending taxpayer money on things like keeping us informed of their actions and asking for feedback while Democrats can waste BILLIONS of dollars at companies like Solyndra, GM, SunPower, First Solar, Fisker Automotive, SpectraWatt and MANY others without a single criticism. They not only give them a pass on those complete failures but also the scandals that surround them (how many bankrupt companies handed money of ours without our choice to have kicked money back to Obama's campaigns?)

Makes the argument against Schilling's little flyers seem pretty petty in comparison.

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