Former U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling hasn't publicly said yet whether he'll run for his old seat next year, but a conservative political action committee already is donating to his campaign.

Citizens United Political Victory Fund said Tuesday it donated $5,000 to Schilling's campaign committee, one of about two dozen candidates the PAC gave to in the second quarter.

The donation to Schilling isn't surprising. The one-term Republican has indicated he'll challenge Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., next year. Still, he hasn't officially announced he's a candidate yet.

Schilling's son and former campaign manager, Terry Schilling, said in an email Tuesday that his father has "been reaching out to donors and previous supporters asking if they'd support him if he ran again."

He said that was standard practice and the feedback has been "extremely encouraging." He said the campaign hadn't received the Citizens United donation yet.

After losing to Bustos last year, Schilling took a job with a Rock Island company that seeks out foreign investors who want to earn visas to come to this country by investing in U.S. projects. He's also stayed in touch with supporters.

In an interview last month, Schilling sounded like he would be a candidate next year, suggesting where his campaign might criticize Bustos.

At the time, Republican Party leaders in the district said they hadn't heard of any others interested in seeking the GOP nomination for the seat, which includes the Quad-Cities, as well as parts of Peoria and Rockford areas.

The primary will be next March.

The general election is more than a year away. But Bustos is off to a quick fundraising start. Through the end of April, she had raised $204,000, a record for a Quad-City freshman. She ended the quarter with $211,000 in the bank. Her campaign had not reported fundraising totals for the second quarter, which ended Sunday. The reports are due July 15.

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I wonder what lies he is going to use in the campaign this time?

He can't campaign on his"jobs for Bob" slogan. He also can't campaign for legislation that he brought to the floor of Congress because none of his bills passed.

Rep. Bustos has done more in 6 months than her predessor did in his first term.

I applaud her efforts.


I'm sure he'll run a campaign on all the jobs he created the last time he was in office.

Or maybe how he holds the record for using the most free postage.

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