The oldest son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke proudly of his father’s successes Monday while reassuring supporters the campaign isn’t sitting by as President Barack Obama’s camp attacks.

Tagg Romney, 42, mentioned how his father was in the Quad-Cities last week, stopping at Davenport’s LeClaire Park. The eldest of Mitt and Ann Romney’s five sons rallied about 50 supporters at the Scott County GOP headquarters and phone bank.

“I don’t know why you came to see me,” he said. “He is the genuine article. I can do something he can’t, and that is brag about him.”

Brag he did. Tagg Romney talked of his father’s successes overseeing the Salt Lake Winter Olympics in 2002, as Mitt Romney joined an organization beset by a bribery scandal but left it with a financial surplus after the games.

He moved on to talk about his father’s leadership as governor of Massachusetts, eliminating a $3 billion deficit and dropping unemployment to 4.6 percent while faced with a Democratic legislature.

“He is perfectly prepared to lead the United States in the situation it is in,” Tagg Romney said.

A spokesman for the Obama campaign in Iowa declined comment Monday evening.

Tagg Romney also told a short family parable about when, as a boy, he lost a boat anchor at their bayside home in Massachusetts. Rather than just write off the anchor, his father went with him and they searched for it and, surprisingly to Tagg Romney, they found it. He said he learned two things about his father that day.

“My dad is the cheapest human being alive,” he said with a laugh. “The second is there is no problem you can’t overcome with a little hard work and ingenuity, and that is what my father is about.”

He also had to temper concerns that his father’s campaign was sitting idle as Democrats fired attack ads at Romney, worried about what they were seeing on television and the web.

Maxine Russman, of Davenport, was the first to raise the concerns at the Davenport stop. Tagg Romney reassured his listeners.

“You’ll see us hit back pretty hard,” he said. “We’re biding our time.”

He explained how his father’s campaign had to refill its financial coffers after a lengthy primary fight. Plus, he said campaign attacks are natural.

“He (Obama) doesn’t want to run on his record,” he said. “We’re catching up in cash on hand. If we’re going to get outspent in June or October, I’d rather it be June.”

Russman made sure to drive her point home.

“I want that message out there,” she said of Romney’s record.

On the day both sides claimed victory over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Arizona immigration law, Tagg Romney declined to speak to the media on the issue.

He ended his speech to the GOP faithful asking for help, saying “hit those phones hard.”

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Fellow Dems,have you noticed since my last post how much name calling was directed towards our current POTUS,and not one positive answer from any of our Republican brothers on the right? This tells the whole story of how we got to this mess,and how we won't ever get out of it if little Mittie,gets elected.I can just him in the white house in his long black stockings running up and down the stairs.Oh my what a horrible sight,but he won't know what else he is suppose to do for the country? LOL,


What are "regular"people? You class junk is old, tired and isn't working. Guess you didn't like the Kennedy's either, right? Sheese


Oh, nice line "brags"...guess supporting your father and speaking about the man who is running for and probably will be elected president, is considered bragging by this liberal news "journalist"...gotcha QCT.

pta mom

Has Taggert ever worked?

His dad is cheap AND cruel, proud of his enjoyment of firing people and proud of tying his dog to the roof of his car.


You are out of your mind PTA. Can you please just read OUR President's book on how he ATE dog? Come on enjoy November like the rest of America will be!


What are all you haters worried about. Just check out Obama's track record. Romney doesn't stand a chance!!! lol

Everything he's done for Illinois he's brought to the rest of the United States.

coffee cup
coffee cup

God help us all if this human Ken doll somehow manages to get himself elected. The corporate take over of America and our democracy will be complete.


Unlike the "Hope and Change" that the Commander in Chump has given us? Now his new tagline is "Forward". Maybe because he can't look back on his first 3 years in office to find anything that he has accomplished or maybe because Forward is the tagline for the Socialist party. Either way we need to flush the toilet on "Hope and Change" and move Forward with a new leader.


Romney made a lot of his money using Bain's control of companies to sack their pension funds and siphon the money into Bain. He then used bankruptcy laws to keep from having to give it back. Romney's Swiss and Cayman bank accounts are full of pension checks he stole from common, hardworking, factory workers.


You are so out of touch with reality. When will you stop believing everything you hear on NPR or read on Huff Post or the Daily Coz?

Stop hiding behind your anonymous screen name and show proof of your insane comments.

Until we educate the ill informed like yourself, America will never dig out of this hole that we are in.


Research these companies. AMPAD, GS Industries, Dade International, DDI Corp, Stage Stores, Details. All companies that Bain drove into bankruptcy will reaping tens of millions in profits (if you can call it that) milking money out of the companies. Using the companies equity to secure loans then declaring the companies bankrupt once all the money is safely tucked away in Bain. Thousand of people lost their jobs. Their pensions. I'm talking about real people. Real events. You're the one that spews mindless, empty, rhetoric. Your candidate that used say one thing one week. And then another the next. Now he simple says nothing. His tactic now is to evade answering any questions. Love him or hate him at least our President takes a stand on issues. I can't understand why anyone supports Romney. How can you support a candidate you have no idea what he believes in. While I'm at it I'll throw another fact your way. Romney was one of the few youths his age to support the Vietnam War. So did he serve. No. He received 4 deferments to go do his "ministry". Why didn't he serve in Vietnam and then do his ministry. By the way he served his ministry in Paris, France.

Henry Orbit

Looking forward to November. Maybe all the election bickering will end when Mitt wins!! The majority will prove they're not buying into all of this Obama nonsense. Transparency? Right!!


First running the Federal Government isn't a game like the Olympics,this doesn't qualify dear ole Dad to being a President.Second he might be tight with the money but he sure brags about how he likes to fire "people",man there is a trait that doesn't qualify him as President.Sounds like number one son thinks he will be next in a line to be President if he can just get Dad elected? Now is he one of those five boys Mom raised,aalllll by herself with no help from nannies,butlers,or chaperones? That might be a cold day in Mass.,with their money and past family in politics,someone else did the dirty work.She must be the one ole Mitt,confines in about the economy,we could almost bet her she can't tell you the price of any grocery item or a gallon of gas,she justs has the checks made out each month,with not a worry.


So what qualifies the guy in office now? Please come up with something more than, well he got elected!


Or how about, "My dad named me 'son of the high priest' (Taggart) because he was so humble."


Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama has a pretty smile and mobsters for friends, and unfortunately became the president of the United States of America. By way of trickery and slick use of the English language, he has managed to fool millions of voters. The games are starting to get old Barry Soetoro.


His name means "one who is blessed" in Swahili


Yeah, right, and "Mitt" means "the most humble one" in Igbo.


His warm little story was about an anchor at their bayside Massachusetts home? Can these people be any less in tune with the regular people of the world? The guy is 42 years old, and this is what he remembers about his dad? Not, "I'll always remember how my dad looked when he saw his first grandchild," or "My dad taught me never to tackle gay guys in high school and cut their hair off while they cried, because he felt so awful having done it himself."

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