Iowa Rep. Gary Mohr, R-Bettendorf, said Thursday he will seek a second term.

Mohr, who ran unopposed in 2016, represents District 94, which includes Bettendorf, Riverdale, Panorama Park and part of Davenport north of 53rd Street.

Mohr said the focus this legislative session has been to revamp the state's tax code.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has introduced a plan to cut taxes by $1.7 billion over six years, which is pending in the House.

“Iowans deserve a tax system that’s fairer, simpler and more competitive to leave more money in the pockets of families and spur economic growth as it is essential to Iowa’s future," Mohr said in a statement announcing his candidacy.

The House hasn't voted on a tax bill yet. The state Senate passed a bill to cut taxes by $1.2 billion annually.

He also touted state spending on community colleges and the state patrol.

Mohr, a former member of the Bettendorf City Council, is the vice chair of the House Commerce Committee, as well as a member of the Economic Growth, Transportation and Ways & Means committees.

He also is on the Appropriation subcommittee that oversees education.

Joan Marttila, a Democrat from Bettendorf, has announced she is running for the seat, too.

The deadline to file for the June 5 primary is March 16.

-- Ed Tibbetts