DES MOINES — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked the Iowa Department of Transportation for permission to erect a 10-foot-tall memorial to the turkeys that perished in a Sioux City truck crash on April 12.

“The (Department of Transportation) doesn’t permit memorials at all,” Iowa Department of Transportation Director of Traffic and Safety Steve Gent said. “When they go up, we try to contact people to remove them to the right-of-way fence line.”

Alex Moore, a PETA staff member from Ankeny, wrote the proposed memorial would “remind commuters that the best way to prevent tragedies such as this one is to go vegan, because turkeys shouldn't have to make terrifying trips to slaughterhouses at all.”

A mock-up of the suggested memorial features an image of turkey and urges people to “try vegan.”

Her letter suggests PETA erect the memorial for one month at Gordon Drive and South Alice Street in Sioux City where the truck tipped about 1:21 a.m. on a Saturday, according to a report in the Sioux City Journal.

Police cited driver Marko Dmitrijevic for speeding and failure to maintain control. His truck tipped onto its side and hit 10 parked vehicles, the paper reported.

Gent said he was drafting a response to Moore that would be “probably be finished sometime this week.”

PETA spokeswoman Sophia Charchuk said the organization has tried to place memorials before with little luck.

“In the past, we've applied in California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia, and Wisconsin to memorialize hundreds of animals who have died in similar crashes, but so far, we haven't been accepted,” she wrote in an e-mail. “We are hopeful that this time, the Iowa Department of Transportation will agree with us that our memorial will help save many lives by reminding drivers of their responsibility to the thousands of animals they are hauling to their deaths each day as well as to other motorists.”

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Boo Hoo ! Waste of time and money. Smart as a turkey.

Comment deleted.

not all...


If this group wants to put up a billboard or put a stone up on their own private property (so long as they follow zoning regulations in the latter) that's one thing. But a memorial stone along a highway right-of-way -- much less when they aren't allowed for people -- is over the top.

Then again, watch them go to court and get a sympathetic judge to side with them.


I heard most of the turkeys were "sauced" already. They should have been in the road.

senor citizen

Another terrible, tragic accident upon the nation's highways. This might have been avoided, but the turkeys did not have their seat belts buckled. In honor of these unfortunate creatures, I intend to have a turkey dinner in their honor.


omg... really? "terrifying trip" haha they do realize science has proven that turkeys brains dont even produce necessary empathy/emotions to be terrified, right?? they DONT HAVE FEELINGS! just because you chose to eat meat doesnt mean you must force your ideas down everyones throat and waste money that could go to HELPING HUMANS right??? WOW! Where's the PHH?? (people helping humans??)) I dont post signs saying thank you for my delicious meat all over... so why should they get to do this rediculous stunt??? ((oh and the south park episode idea was EPIC!)


Thank you.


As a card carrying member of PETA*, I agree. This was murder! Delicious, delicious murder.

*People Eating Tasty Animals


I agree....Ditto on the PETA membership. Just last week I smoked the best pork loin roast. In honor of all the past and future pigs that supply pork loins, pork butts, ribs, chops, I shall erect a nice memorial....and then....stoke up the smoker and load it up.


OMG ! We have people starving in Davenport............why not spend the $ for the signage on veggies for those that need them ?


Good old liberals.


Pets must go nuts on Thanksgiving


PETA is one of those organizations that may have good intentions, but the zealotry, stunts, and ridiculous ideas like this end up turning off people who may otherwise be generally sympathetic .


What’s next?
Little black and white memorials for dead skunks?
To simplify maybe they could come up with a generic memorial for all road kill.


Don't be giving them any ideas, please.


don't forget the possums and raccoons.... TURKEYS ARE BRED TO EAT AND DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS.. a raccoon however has the feelings of a dog and can be trained... but I don't see PETA errecting memorials in their honor.. lol only the ones we chose to eat.. maybe we should make memorials in honor of all the poor vegitables and fruits they consume.. they were alive at one point in time.. and help product oxygen if kept growing... they aren't so perfect theirselves... haha


Finally! An answer to the age-old question of "Why did the turkey cross the road?" To avoid getting hit by a truck!

Throw in some spuds and you've got mashed potatoes and turkey! Yum!

PETA has a sister group...P-Tooth: People with Too much Time on their Hands


I have it on good authority that this is not in fact a true story. It is in fact the storyline for an upcoming episode of Southpark. Stan & Kyle will try to help the turkeys escape. Cartman will try to foil their plot. And of course, Kenny will die. Mr Hand will add a strange twist to the plot somehow. Chef is dead so he won't be in this episode.

coffee cup
coffee cup


tricia s

What about those innocent blades of grass that were crushed? I also have it on good authority that some dandelions were starting to bloom and some wasps had just left their nests when their lives were cut short by this FOWL transport. Where is THEIR memorial?


You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!


This idea doesn't have a leg to stand on!





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