Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's two years in office may be fulfilling his pledge to shake up Springfield, but his tenure has not produced budget relief.

Without a complete budget, some state payment obligations are not being met. As a result, as many as 1 million Illinoisans have lost services.

The spending quarrels are relatively new to Rauner but not to the Statehouse, where stalemates and standoffs have been crippling the budget process for decades.

Failures by Rauner and long-time Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan are compelling others in the Statehouse to step forward with a fix.

So far, Illinois' finances remain firmly on the ropes. In today's Big Story, Dan Petrella of the Times Springfield Bureau, looks at what has gone wrong, what is still going wrong and how close the state might be to a comprehensive budget. It's the first day of a three-day series that will continue Wednesday and Thursday. Today's story begins on C1.