The TaxSlayer Center

The iWireless Center in Moline will become the TaxSlayer Center on Sunday.

ILLINOIS QUAD-CITIES CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Governing body for iWireless Center): F

WEBSITE (15/32 points): The website includes an introductory paragraph about when its board meets and indicates agendas are posted at least 48 hours in advance of meetings. In early February, it contained agendas and minutes dating to 2011, but it had no agendas after September 2016, and no minutes since July 2016.

By Feb. 24, the website had been updated to include agendas and minutes through February 2017.

The iWireless Center’s address is included, but there is no contact information, including names, phone numbers or emails, for Authority board members or iWireless staff. There is no link to the iWireless website, but there is one to Sedonatek, a consulting firm that provides information technology services.

MEETINGS (16/25 points): The board held approximately 60 regular meetings and 21 closed session meetings in the past five years, according to Rocky Jones, assistant executive director. Jones said the regular sessions are approximated, because meeting dates are adjusted or canceled occasionally, because of a lack of quorum or other routine reasons, “with corresponding public notices issued in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.”

This information was supplied free of charge by overnight delivery, four days after it was requested by email.

Minutes of executive sessions are kept, but Jones said minutes from the past five executive sessions could not be provided because they remained in “closed” status to maintain confidentiality. Executive sessions are held to discuss items such as lease/license pricing and sponsorship recruitment, according to regular session minutes.

BUDGET/FINANCIALS (0/35 points): Jones submitted a copy of the Authority’s budget upon request. It is not available on the website. The one-page budget is a spreadsheet, listing revenue and expense categories and net income. It contains no charts or graphs and no executive summary.

Expense reports for the week of Oct. 10-14, 2016 were requested. Jones said there were no expense reports submitted during that period.

For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, total revenue was $5,310,828 and total operating expenses were $5,091,664.

Net income was $219,164. The largest revenue line items were advertising ($1,122,204) and reimburseables ($1,328,500), food/beverage/catering ($923,050), suites ($507,139) and event income ($434,350). The largest expense is salaries ($1,094,639), utilities ($577,883), reimburseables ($663,500) and part-time wages ($525,800).

RECORDS (5/10 points): Meeting minutes account for everyone in attendance. Included with each agenda item is information about who offered a presentation, several sentences about its subject and any discussion that followed. It also includes the name of anyone who made a motion, and the outcome of votes, which were generally unanimous.

There is no information on the QCCCA or iWireless website about how to make a public records request, the method by which to do so, fees for such a request or an individual contact name.