TIPTON, Iowa — Preparations are being made by Tipton to add a drug-sniffing dog to the police department.

An application has been made for a K-9 4 Cops grant worth about $17,000, and if it is not received, other grant applications will be made. According to the police department, approval of a grant is more likely when several of the necessary items have been secured. Also, it would be the only K-9 available within a 45-minute drive.

The council voted to bid $3,500 for a used Crown Victoria police car to transport a dog. A kennel for the car was donated by Donald McGlaughlin, a retired highway patrol officer and former City Council member. Chris Nosbisch, Tipton city manager, assured the council that the car could be sold for the purchase cost if plans fell through.

Other donations that have come through: about $10,000 worth of equipment from the Marion Police Deparment; veterinary care, except for major surgery; and some of the food, from two retailers. Marion's drug dog is now used for school K-9 sweeps. If Tipton has one, the department would perform that duty, assist other county officers,and would likely be called to the interstate. If a drug arrest is made, the department could receive forfeiture money.

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Nosbisch asked the council to decide between more streets in the five-year plan with short-term, less costly repairs or fewer streets with longer-lasting but more costly repairs. He estimated that it would require two years of street funds to redo North Avenue, about $650,000 a block, compared to seal coat, which he said costs $6,000 to $7,000 a block, and lasts six to 10 years, depending on weather and traffic.

Nosbisch said he thinks the city's indebtedness should be at a lower level before a more ambitious street program is planned.

Sandy Harmel, president of the Soldiers' Monument Association of Cedar County, informed the council that one of the granite benches near the soldiers' monument at the Tipton Library Square has been damaged beyond repair and will cost $1,050 to replace. She said the damage may have been done by a lawn mower. She said that in 2003 she was told by someone at the city that the benches were insured. However, when the damage was done, she learned they were not covered, because they were not listed on the policy. She was assured that the monument and benches will be added.