Cameras at the intersection of West 17th and Washington streets. Even though the cameras have gone live, a reported shooting in the 1400 block was not recorded last week because of technical issues.


Take two.

A month after putting up cameras on Davenport's Washington Street, technical issues prevented them from capturing footage of a reported shooting near the 1400 block of Washington Street last Wednesday.

Clay Merritt, capital budget analyst with the city of Davenport, confirmed the cameras were not functioning optimally Monday night during the Historic Washington Street Business Association meeting.

"All of the hardware and software components of the project have been completed and the footage is recording; however, it is not the usable quality that we are looking for due to circuit issues," Merritt said. "We are contracted with a vendor to provide the circuit/internet service and we are working with them to fix the issue."

No timetable was given for when the work will be completed.

While there were no reports of injury or property damage, the Davenport Police Department has made progress regarding the case.

Neighbors have been discussing rumors about what and how the shooting happened, so Lt. Kevin Smull gave the neighborhood an update.

"We have developed — the police department — suspects and appropriate charges should be coming through at a later time," Smull said. "I can assure you that the people involved in that incident were not from the neighborhood.

"Unfortunately, they met in traffic and that's what these individuals do when they don't like each other. Wherever they are it, when they have an opportunity, that's when they engage their confrontation."

After one of the meeting's attendees brought up another recent incident of a man waving a gun,  Smull reminded the residents that despite the placement of cameras, the best course of action is to always contact the police.

"We will get up here as fast as we can," Smull said. "I'd rather have you call me wrong than not call me when right. The quickest way is always 911."

Anyone with information about criminal incidents can call the Davenport police anonymously at 563-326-6125, or submit a tip via the mobile app "CityConnect Davenport, IA."