A cold beer at the end of a hot day of work is something that even the people who make it appreciate.

As temperatures hit the mid-90s this week, the brewers at Great River Brewery in Davenport will be making the beer and cleaning the equipment. Climbing into the beer brewing vessel to clean it, they will run into temperatures 30 degrees higher than the high temperatures that are expected this week.

The last gasp of summer will be tolerated, brewer Trevor Krutzfeldt said Monday.

"This summer hasn't been bad," he said. "Last summer was bad."

Heat indices are expected to peak above 100 degrees through Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service, with high temperatures at or above 90 degrees through Labor Day. A heat advisory is in effect through tonight.

Conditions at the brewery aren't too bad in the heat because workers open bay doors at each end of the brewery to allow in a cross breeze, Krutzfeldt said. The end of the day is the reward of hard, hot work.

"It is nice to go into the cooler and get a beer," he said. "A Gold Ale tastes good at the end of the day."

On Brady Street in Davenport, Big Mouthz BBQ owner Steve Stegner is keeping track of the meat in the smoker behind his restaurant.

He tries to smoke as much brisket, ribs, chicken and sausage as he can at one time. He got a late start Monday getting the fire lit but said the heat hasn't been bad.

"Luckily you don't have to stand out there all the time," he said, saying he checks on the smoker hourly.