Brian Hitchcock, executive director of the Scott Emergency Communications Center, confirmed to the agency’s board Thursday that he accepted a similar position in Lake County, Ind.

His last day with the Scott operation will be July 19.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that Hitchcock’s contract will include an annual salary of $112,000. The contract would ensure Hitchcock will have three years. He takes on a project that has been plagued by years of delay, misdirections and distrust. In taking the position with Lake County, he will oversee the consolidation of 17 dispatching systems.

Hitchcock oversaw the consolidation of dispatching center for Davenport, Bettendorf and Scott County. He told the board he is proud of the building that houses the countywide dispatching center and the staff that has been assembled.

“Bringing together three or four communications systems seems complicated,” said Scott County Board chairman Larry Minard, who also chairs the communications center board. “I can’t believe it will be easy with 17.”

The board members praised Hitchcock and his efforts in creating a consolidated dispatching system.

“I think you did a very good job making it come together,” Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said.

Gluba asked that Hitchcock compile a list of tasks that are in progress or items that need to be considered. Hitchcock promised to do so, noting that testing the backup dispatching center must still be done.

“That is probably the biggest thing out there,” he told the board. “There has been a lot that has been accomplished at this point.”

Hitchcock has been director since 2008 of the Scott County Emergency Communications Center where he helped guide consolidation of E-911 services for 30 public safety agencies in the Iowa Quad-City area and opened a $28 million E-911 state-of-the-art communications network in May 2011.

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"Bob Marley", no need to ask what you are smoking! Come over to RI County and show us what you can you do, can't be that difficult if all you have to do is show up.

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madonna 2013

AvgJoe Why don't you worry about your own life instead of worrying about what other people are doing in their lives. All I can say is some of you people need to grow up and worry about your own lives. If you worry about what other people are doing , what is that doing for your own lives? You obviously are not professional in a career saying the things you are . You talk about other people. Instead , just look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can change about yourself to better yourself. That goes to you too. Bob Marley. Grow up because if you don't now you will never get to better places with the way you communicate with people. You show in your comments that you both need to seriously check yourself .

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madonna 2013

Bob Marley , you brag about how you are so educated yet , unfortunately you don't show any intelligence of anyone with hire professionalism. That is how much intelligence you are sharing with the public. You brag about yourself but, obviously by your comments you are not as smart as you say because professional people do not comment this way. They try to improve themselves instead of putting other people down . Sounds like you need to work on yourself before you start judging other people. It is really sad that people think they are this and that and have nothing intelligent to say to back it up.. If you are so professional than why are you commenting like a child and worrying about someone else's life ? Just worry about your own because you need help. For 2 masters degrees you sure are smart maybe , you should get a degree that focuses on positivity .


Bob Marley really? No, I am not the person you think this is. My two master degrees from accredited universities conflicts with your writing abilities here. It suggests that Mr. Hitchcock has had to deal with a long list of people who were against the consolidation in the first place and continued to throw stones after the project continued on a positive direction. There were people that did more to dislodge the consolidation efforts and cause more harm than good. You sound just like one of them. Just exactly how would you know when Mr. Hitchcock did and did not show up for work? Mr. Hitchcock was at work on routine basis which I know that for a fact. Mr. Hitchcock never ever took credit for building the center on his own. There were many of us involved in this process which Mr. Hitchcock gave credit to whenever possible. You should be ashamed of your feeble attempts to discredit people and the team involved in this. Scott County is the best 911 system in the state, and better than many in the country. Your writings certainly model the same attitude and discourse that Mr. Hitchcock and many other positive people had to endure through the course of this consolidation. The only useless tool that developed in this whole thing, are people like you. Your degrees mean nothing when you do not have the personality, the positive attitude, and the ability to teamwork with people. You should be ashamed of yourself. One would think Mr. Hitchcock is leaving because of the high percentage of negative people that have no conception of how to work with people because people like you certainly do not consist of a good team. Best of luck to you and your poor attitude. Nice cloaking name "Bob Marley". See it is easy to write something when two identities are true at stake.


BobMarley. Hitchcock did a good job with what he was given. When you have a county most think revolves only around the hole that is Davenport it is hard to appease everybody. He has done an outstanding job. The task that was put in front of him was extremely difficult especially with all the agencies and governments involved. Scott County is better for him having been in charge of this. Remember the only reason this center came to be is because Davenport had outdated dispatching and a poorly run city that couldn't afford to upgrade their center so like always pass the buck onto the entire county for mismanaged city policies. The other residence of Scott County are about tired of picking up the slack for Davenport.

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