Recent recruitment efforts by the city of Davenport resulted in more than 700 applicants for positions in the city’s police and fire departments during a month-long recruitment process.

A total of 256 people applied for police officer, while 445 applied for firefighter. The numbers include 21 percent minorities for police applicants and 20 percent minorities for fire applicants, representing the diversity of the community, city officials said.

The city’s recruitment team “helped us share the message with those who had not considered the fire service as a possible career that Davenport Fire (Department) can be an opportunity,” Fire Chief Lynn Washburn said.

“I am very pleased at the amount of interest in becoming a Davenport police Officer,” Police Chief Frank Donchez said. “The large pool of applicants assures us that we will continue to hire quality individuals to uphold the high standards of the city of Davenport and the Davenport Police Department.”

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Starting salary for a Davenport police officer is $49,302 plus benefits, while starting salary for a Davenport firefighter is $47,058 plus benefits.

Qualified applicants will participate in a testing process that will conclude in December for police candidates and February for the firefighter position.

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