A Davenport hypnotherapist is facing criminal charges after he allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with a patient who sought out mental health services, Davenport police said.

Victor George Saldivar, 64, of 2458 E. Central Park Ave., was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a charge of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

The charge is a Class D felony that carries a prison sentence of up to five years.

According to the arrest affidavit filed by Davenport Police Detective Karl Drezek, the victim sought mental health services through Saldivar at his offices at 2304 Jersey Ridge Road. Saldivar practices in a cooperative with three other people in a group known as Suite4.

According to the affidavit, from April 3 through June 7, Saldivar, while acting as a therapist or counselor, engaged in sexual conduct with the victim, who was an emotionally dependent patient.

Saldivar was released from the Scott County Jail after posting bond.

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also had him for an instructor and found the class ridiculous. I absolutely hope this is not true because how freakin SICK to use someones illness like this, we don't know the whole story but we do know a detective was involved and the detective helped charges be brought up against him. I was not surprised to see this story but was very disappointed. He has betrayed way more people than he realizes


If you had him for a teacher then you would know what he was in prison for, he is very open about that. He was'nt a sham of a teacher either, that is your opinion and not a fact. I had him for a teacher and it was great class. The complete story is not here...don't throw stones, you don't know him or know what happened.


Saldivar already has a prison record, for what I have no clue. He taught Psychology at Scott Community College until a couple of years ago. I am not surprised in the least! He was a sham of a teacher!!!


I agree with you! he was very manipulative. His "honest up frontness" was a way for him to get his students to trust him SO they would accept his vulgar comments. I SO hope these charges are bogus because how sick to use someones illness to hurt them and defend yourself.

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