The owner of a Moline gun shop and shooting range welcomed Illinois' concealed carry law.

"It's not a perfect carry bill, but it's pretty darn good," Tim Baldwin, owner of Shooting Sports Unlimited, said Tuesday.

He said gun owners still face an uphill battle, as it could take several months before a person can actually obtain a permit. According to his reading of the law, the Illinois State Police has up to 180 days before the agency is required to issue permit applications through local sheriff's departments, and then the sheriff has another 30 days to process the applications.

Baldwin, a certified National Rifle Association instructor in Iowa, also called Illinois' carry law more "stringent" than Iowa's. NRA instructors do not need additional training by state police in Iowa to teach classes to those wishing to obtain a carry permit. They will in Illinois, and Baldwin said he appreciates the extra training requirement.

Baldwin said he sees nothing in the law that allows reciprocity to other states, but Iowa permit holders, including 5,000 or so in Scott County, could make an application for a non-resident permit in Illinois.

"I'm certainly excited about this as someone who's a huge proponent of the Second Amendment," he said.

Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd also welcomed the bill, although he wished lawmakers would have had more time to consider a few of Gov. Pat Quinn's changes.

"At least they got something done," Boyd said. "I'll give them credit for that."

For instance, Boyd liked Quinn's idea to ban guns where liquor is sold, as opposed to how the bill now reads, which is to not allow guns in businesses where at least 50 percent of the gross profits are from liquor.

"I thought that was a good idea," Boyd said. "It's more confusing the way the law reads. If they had more time, they could have reached a good compromise."

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