SPRINGFIELD — Illinois tourism officials are hoping to cash in on the new movie about the nation’s 16th president.

With Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” opening nationally this weekend, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield is offering

$5 off its usual $12 adult admission to anyone presenting a ticket stub to the movie through Dec. 31.

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity also got in on the act, employing a Lincoln impersonator to make stops Friday at Springfield-area theaters and other Lincoln sites in the area.

The aim of the promotions are to lure more visitors to Illinois, where Lincoln lived and is buried.

“We certainly see it as an opportunity,” said Jen Hoelzle, deputy director of the department’s Office of Tourism.

Along with Lincoln, Illinois anchors its national and international tourism promotions with Route 66 and Chicago. Hoelzle said potential visitors from the United Kingdom and

Germany consistently make

Lincoln-related information the most visited part of the agency’s website.

Visitors taking advantage of the discounts at the museum can delve into some of the history featured in the film starring actor Daniel Day-Lewis as the president.

For example, one of the museum’s permanent exhibit galleries, “The Tide Turns,” includes a section on the 13th Amendment, the official act that abolished slavery.

Day-Lewis himself spent some time in central Illinois preparing for the role, soaking up some of the Lincoln sites, including the president’s home in Springfield.

The state also is banking on interest in the movie picking up if the movie is nominated for an Academy Award, Hoelzle said.

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Sounds like wishful thinking to me. I can see people that have been to the Lincoln movie that live in the Springfield area taking advantage of the discount. But people being drawn to Springfield from a great distance away to save $5 per ticket? I don't think so. I've been to that museum, and it is interesting and makes for a nice weekend trip during nice weather, but I just can't see this being a huge draw this time of year for people that live a great distance away, even if it saves $5 per ticket.

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