SPRINGFIELD — A Republican who represents a swath of southeastern Illinois is sponsoring legislation aimed at highlighting the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Even though Illinois approved a law banning same-sex marriage in 1986, Rep. David Reis, R-Willow Hill, said his resolution will help counteract recent lawsuits that are challenging the prohibition.

“It is time for the General Assembly to reaffirm their support for Illinois laws reserving the institution of marriage between one man and one woman,” Reis said in a statement.

The legislation also urges the General Assembly to adopt a constitutional amendment stating “only a marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in Illinois.”

“This extremely controversial issue should not be decided in the courts. It should be decided by the people,” Reis said. “The only real way to solve this is by a vote on a constitutional amendment.”

The proposal, which was filed last week, comes in response to Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s decision not to defend challenges to the state’s marriage definition. Two downstate county clerks — Democrat Christie Webb of Tazewell County and Republican Kerry Hirtzel of Effingham County — have been granted the right to intervene against the two lawsuits and defend the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago, who was the sponsor of the law legalizing civil unions last year, said he is doubtful Reis’ proposal will be brought up for a vote.

“I think the viewpoint of most Illinoisans has changed on this issue,” Harris said.

The legislation is House Joint Resolution 95.

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Less Bias
Less Bias

Yeah, lets put everyone's civil rights up for a vote. Mississippi should still be allowed to refuse recognition of interracial marriage, and Massachusetts could nullify marriages between Catholics and Protestants.


I agree 100%!! I am firm and Unapologetic about my stand against gay marriage. But I agree that it should be left up to a vote of the people not a democrat or republican judge. But let it be clear the only reason it is even being talked about is to draw attention away from obama's failed economic job as president!


Yet me see if I understand your point --- A Republican wants to vote on gay marrage so as to draw attention away from Obama's economic job. I think you may be confussed.


Vote on this
Gay marriage yes or no?
Balanced Budget mandatory or no political pay. yes or no?
Chicago and the rest of Crook County out of Illinois? yes or YES!!!


I agree with the voting of this issues, let the majority speak.


How about pushing for a vote on a balanced budget instead? Have you seen your state's balance sheet lately? Gay marriage should be the last of your concerns.

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