Nearly 40,000 more people left Illinois than moved in between the middle of 2012 and last July, according to new government figures.

The exodus was higher than in any other state.

The numbers get worse when just movement between the states is considered.

Illinois has experienced what is called out-migration for years, but Thursday's data, released by the U.S. Census Bureau, appears to portray a state that is picking up where it left off before the economic downturn, according to a person who has studied Midwest population trends.

Illinois' net loss of 39,562 people between July 1, 2012, and July 1, 2013, far exceeded the next nearest state, Michigan. It saw a net loss of just more than 11,000 people during the same period.

When only movement between the states is considered, Illinois had a net loss of 67,000 people, second worst in the country to New York.

As the economy improves, people are more mobile than they used to be, said Liesl Eathington, an assistant scientist in the economics department at Iowa State University, Ames.

That is hurting some states, including Illinois.

Iowa saw a net in-migration of 4,814 people between mid-2012 and mid-2013, according to the new figures. But it was helped by the number of people moving to the state from foreign countries. When just movers between the states are considered, Iowa gained 671 people.

Iowa is gaining some of the outflow from Illinois, Eathington said, but Indiana, California and Florida are the greater beneficiaries.

Since 2010, 137,000 more people moved out of Illinois than came to the state. When just movement between the states is considered, that net outflow jumps to nearly 225,000.

Both Iowa and Illinois gained overall population since 2010, but most of it is because of what's called natural increase, or the number of births over deaths.

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Taylor Smith

My family and me are not going to leave Illinois. We like its nature and climate. My friends from the other state even hired a moving company Illinois saying these guys movers are really pros. Let`s stay with us and make our state better and better


Yeah, most of them are politicians who "moved out" to prisons!


Is this voting with one's feet? Perhaps and yet we tend to make assumptions as to why they put on their hiking boots. The only thing that can be said are that those that depart have a reason to go be it political or economic, but the issues, for states like New York and Illinois remain the same. How this issues are addressed internally or externally will chart the course for the rest of the nation or what may be left of it.


No doubt, Governor Quinn is scratching his head wondering...WHY


Open more prisons in Illinois and that will stabilize the out migration. A good poll would be those who consider themselves stuck in Illinois, besides inmates.


Everything bad is the fault of liberals. But back to this article, on a percentage of total population basis, New Mexico lost more of its population than Illinois. Illinois lost three tenths of a per cent of its population, compared to .0044 per cent for New Mexico. I know, New Mexico went for President Obama in 2012 so it's just a desolate wasteland of liberalism too. But the percentage loss is as improtant as the net number, so one could say New Mexico leads the nation in population loss.


Illinois=The next Detroit


All you have to do to confirm this is go to Bettendorf, Eldridge or LeClaire and see the scores of new homes rising out of the cornfields. Last time I checked no major employer was bringing hundreds of new jobs to the region. These homes are being built and marketed to Illinois residents smart enough to get out.


Now, there is a shocker! New York and Illinois, two of the most radically liberal states in the country are running rational people right out of the state. Who are the liberals going to tax when all the sane people have left?

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