Beginning Friday at the Muscatine History and Industry Center, members of the community can visit the new Kent Corp. exhibit, which has an interactive display that teaches visitors about the company. (Joe Jarosz/Muscatine Journal)

Joe Jarosz

MUSCATINE — The community will soon be able to learn a little more about a company that’s synonymous with Muscatine.

On Friday, the Muscatine History and Industry Center will open its latest exhibit, focusing on the Kent Corp.

The exhibit goes along with the center celebrating its 25th year. The center already features exhibits that highlight the history of other local industries, including Bandag, HNI Corp. and Stanley Consultants.

The Kent Corp. exhibit focuses on the imprint that Grain Processing Corp., Kent Nutrition Group and Precision Foods have on everyday life.

Janet Sichterman, Kent Corp. representative, said the company is pleased to join the other businesses on display at the center. Even though Kent Corp. has been around since the 1930s, the display focuses more on what Kent Corp. is now and what’s in store for the future of the company, she said.

“The focus started out with us asking ourselves how we can talk about the company,” Sichterman said.

Kent worked with EyeClick, an interactive display company, for help with the exhibit.

“We loved it when we saw it and thought kids would have a lot of fun with it,” Sichterman said.

The exhibit also details the family of Kent Corp. companies and what products they offer.

“We wanted to help create an identity of who we are, what we do and where we are in the chain of feeding the whole family,” Sichterman said.

Mary Wildermuth, executive director for the center, said the center is celebrating 25 years of exhibits and Muscatine’s history. The Pearl Button Museum was the first exhibit to be highlighted.

Wildermuth said with its many exhibits on companies with international ties, the center is turning into a global destination.

“Having a museum in downtown Muscatine leads to more tourists visiting shops and restaurants down here,” Wildermuth said.

The importance of the center to the community is that it tells the community the stories of the town’s history in a digital and interactive way, Wildermuth said.

“We tell stories of creativity in the town,” she said.