CASI race

More than 2,000 runners start the 31st annual CASI St. Patrick's Day 5K Race in Davenport on Saturday, March 16, 2013. (Jeff Cook/QUAD-CITY TIMES)


Running in a kilt in 35-degree weather wasn’t the most striking thing about Scott Horton Saturday morning after the CASI St. Patrick’s Day Race.

His normally dishwater blonde hair and beard were dyed bright orange. Still, it was the kilt and boots that made one wonder.

“It is not bad, not bad at all,” he said of his running attire. “A little breezy but comfy.”

The race, sponsored by Russell Construction, was his first 5K, and he found the cloudy weather and cool temperatures to his liking. Runners of the downtown race remembered last year’s unseasonably warm weather.

“I’d rather run it now than when the sun is shining,” he said. “I’ll do another.”

Mike Collins of Bettendorf blamed his wife, Jen, for his kilt and “leprechaun shoes.” He also wore a large bow tie after finishing the event’s one-mile run. Enjoying the after-race party with friends, he explained how she brought home the kilt Friday night.

“My wife made me do it,” he said. “It is chilly. I’m not going to lie.”

Despite the cool temps, the streets of Davenport ran green with hundreds of runners. Some wore wigs, others wore top hats. Beads and shamrocks were plentiful along with an occasional green tu-tu for the costume contest. A number of dogs showed off their blarney, too.

Shadow, a rescue Labrador retriever owned by Casey and Tiffanie Vieira of Bettendorf, made the run with Casey sporting a green ribbon on his collar. Tiffanie ran with their 10-month-old son, Riley, in a stroller.

“I usually run with the dog and the baby,” she said.

Shadow likes to run, Casey Vieira said.

“Good run, huh, buddy,” he said to the dog. “He’s ready for more.”

Asked about her green nail polish, wig, hat and over-sized green glasses, Nicole Bussard of Coal Valley wanted to show off her son, Ryan, 8. An avid 5K runner, Ryan ran his first-ever after walking in several.

“I said, ‘Stay with me if you want,’ and he took off,” she said.