SPRINGFIELD — A minute-and-a-half video clip taken from the Illinois House floor in Springfield gained Rep. Mike Bost national attention Wednesday.

Bost, R-Murphysboro, angry over a Democrat-led, last-minute plan to overhaul state pensions, launched into a screaming tirade Tuesday.

Bost’s outburst, directed at Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, was shown on state and national media outlets Wednesday morning.

It began, “Again, total power in one person’s hands — NOT the American way” shortly before Bost tossed a handful of papers up and gave them a midair swat.

Bost tore into Madigan for purportedly making rules that bind legislators and go against the idea of representative democracy. “Enough,” Bost said during his outburst. “I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt. Let my people go. My God, they sent me here to vote for them.”

Bost said he thought no differently Wednesday.

“One good thing about this is people in the media understand the tyranny we’re under with this leader,” Bost said.

Bost said he was contacted all day by national media. Additionally, websites such as The Drudge Report, The Huffington Post and YouTube carried clips. The state lawmaker said he received so many emails, his cellphone figuratively melted down.

But he said his colleagues’ reaction was generally empathetic.

“I think they understand. I don’t normally do that,” Bost said Wednesday afternoon while legislators worked to get a state budget passed and continued work on pension reform.

Bost said his outburst came after he received an overnight, Madigan staff rewrite of pension reform, about 300 pages long, about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday — only 20 minutes before the House was to convene.

“We’re not talking a simple name change of agency,” Bost said about the rewritten plan that he claimed ignored Republican attempts to relieve school districts from assuming pension costs. Republicans said that will result in local property tax increases.

“You are shoving it down peoples’ throats again. He (Madigan) is taking your power,” Bost said Wednesday, reiterating much of the language from his Tuesday outburst. “He (Madigan) creates the rules. … That’s where he has the power.”

Madigan did not retaliate. The speaker cited “frustration, tension, interaction with different personalities pursuing different agendas. That’s life in the General Assembly. That’s life in the House of Representatives,” according to several reports, Illinois Issues among them.

Other southern Illinois state representatives were reserved Wednesday.

“I don’t know necessarily if I have a reaction to it. It’s the end of the session and people get frustrated. Tensions are so high right now,” Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, said.

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Well, by all means, alphmale...enlighten me.

How have you personally been inconvenienced? And what have you added to the equation to alleviate part of the problem? Personally, as mentioned..I find this mans rant very funny. Actually the funniest banter that I've seen in weeks.. Somewhat along the lines of a whacked out Southern Baptist preacher who ate far too many church casseroles, and has major constipation (everywhere except from his mouth).. This man is a poor role model. But, as a fair person...I await your interpretation.

just a thought.


Those railing about it being one party's fault miss the point. Our state has had bad governance from both parties for many years. Pushing out the Democrats and voting in Republicans just lets a different hog up to the trough. Now is the time for a third party to emerge at the state level in Illinois, and it behooves independents throughout the state to craft a slate of honest pols who will make the tough decisions.


Rep Bost IS RIGHT! Key bills are hardly ever presented with enough time for a vote. It just goes on and on. Two remembers of this: The recent gambling bill our dear? Senator Mike Jacobs, the family heir, voted for it and admitted he didn't even read it. And who can forget the redistricting sham that was foisted on the people of Illinois just last year over the Memorial Day weekend. Then they had the audacity to say we gave the people a chance to comment on it. Yea, over a holiday weekend!

So, what's the solution? Vote every democrat out. They've had too much control (stranglehold) on the people of Illinois for too long, while lining their own pockets.
If that doesn't work, move out of state. It seems many in Rock Island County are doing that at present.



I don't blame him. Chicago gets all the money, spends it all, gives other Illinois cities the scraps left over, then when the state is billions in debt, Chicago expects all other cities to chip in and pay.


This mans conduct in a professional setting is unacceptable, at best. There are more effective ways of getting to the point... but this dog and pony show is very entertaining to watch. I can't stop laughing at him.


No, what is unacceptable is the literal dictatorship the Chicago democrat machine has imposed on the state. Pretending like that is okay by taking the abuse and acting nice about it will only perpetuate the problem. We have let the Chicago machine literally destroy the state financially. The real capital of Illinois is Chicago. Madigan and his cabal of gangsters has a stranglehold on all of us.


Another crock of BS - tell us your solution. You don't even live in the state - you just claimed you lived in Iowa. Fix your own state first.


I agree with Rep. Mike Bost ..... Let My People Go ........ He is so right.... sorry but when we pass bills that clearly no one has a chance to read it is WRONG for either side.... stop this insanity..... if there is a Bill to be passed both sides should have the proper time to go over it and make an informed decision on it. This is so wrong on so many levels. I would think that THE PEOPLE should be able to sue the government for passing bills that are not properly Vetted.... any Atty's out there that want to take that one on ?


Those over night bills are how they stopped online poker. What a bunch of crooked leaders we have running the show. Is this country still a democratic government? or a capitolistic police state? I feel like this is not the U.S.A I was born into...... or is it and Im just now seeing the forest thru the trees? Crooked elections, over night bills, the changing of the constitution, home invasions without search warrents along with wiretapping, and not to even mention all the Fema camps as they call it being built on american soil that resemble concentration camps with gas chamber facilities on site. WAKE UP PEOPLE! our government scares me.


Welcome to the obama process! Shove it down the American people's throat and don't tell us what you are doing and don't give us a chance to have a voice. Like pelosi said of obama care bill..."we have to vote to pass it first then we can find out what's in it!" That's what big government democrats want, for Americans to sign the blank contract and let them fill in what they want later. After all, big government dems. think Americans are to stupid to have a voice, or to recognize that their voice is being silenced by their left wing ideology. A vote for democrats is a vote against freedom and the voice of "we the people!"


Except Pelosi didn't say that to congress. Once again, you are lying. She said that to a group of constituents. You also made a cute sound byte out of it, taking it out of context.

Bush grew the government, Obama shrank the government, facts. Bush 1 grew the government, as did Reagan. Clinton? Nope. How many lies can you possibly post?

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