Authorities pulled the partly decomposed body of a middle-aged man from the Mississippi River this morning near McClellan Boulevard in Davenport.

It doesn’t appear the man was the victim of foul play, police say, but an autopsy will be performed to make a final determination.

Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said the man appeared to be between the ages of 40 and 50. A jogger on the riverfront recreational trail spotted him and alerted authorities after 8 a.m. today.

Two boats were sent into the water, and one hovered around the figure before pulling him to shore after 9 a.m. Schaeffer said it appeared the man had been in the water for “some time.” He said the body was decomposing and had begun to float.

It’s not clear how the man ended up in the water. Schaeffer said the area where he was found was not necessarily where he went in the water. There’s an eddy at that point in the river, where things can collect. So, Schaeffer said, it’s possible he went into the water upstream.

The body appeared to be lodged about 50 feet from shore, where the river is only about a foot and a half deep.

Authorities were still trying to identify the man this morning. He had no identification on him, so fingerprints and missing persons records will be checked, Schaeffer said. He added there was nothing found in the river or on shore connected to the incident.

In addition to Davenport officials, Bettendorf crews responded to the scene this morning.

EARLIER REPORT: Davenport rescue crews pulled the body of a man about 40-50 years old from the Mississippi River near McClellan Boulevard this morning.

Assistant Chief Don Schaeffer said the body shows no signs of blunt-force trauma and that it had been in the river for “some time.” An autopsy is planned.

Emergency crews received a call about 8 a.m. from a jogger on the bike path. A form could be seen about 50 feet from the shore. Crews responded with two rescue boats.

EARLIER REPORT: Davenport authorities have pulled what appears to be a body from Mississippi River near McClellan Boulevard.

EARLIER REPORT: This morning: Davenport police and firefighters on the scene responding to a report of what appears to be a body in the Mississippi River near McClellan Boulevard.

Two rescue boats are in the water searching for a victim. A form can be scene from shore about 50 feet into the river. 

Police say a person walking to work on the bike path reported a body in the river around 8:30 a.m.

Traffic is moving slowly on River Drive near the East Village.

More details to follow.