MAQUOKETA, Iowa — A Maquoketa man was stabbed by an unknown assailant outside his apartment Tuesday night and is recovering in a hospital in Iowa City.

Police Chief Brad Koranda said Kevin Ehlinger, 38, went to Jackson County Regional Health Center at 7:49 p.m. Tuesday with stab wounds to his lower abdomen. The chief said Ehlinger also looked like he had been beaten on the face. Ehlinger told police he had been jumped outside his apartment and didn't know who stabbed him.

Koranda said Ehlinger was taken by helicopter to University Hospitals, Iowa City, and is in stable condition.

The chief said officers went to Ehlinger's apartment and found his live-in girlfriend, Cassie Ronek, 29, cleaning up what Koranda said looked like the scene of an assault. Ronek told police there was a fight between her and Ehlinger. Officers said Ronek's face also looked beaten.

Ronek was treated at the hospital and released to her mother.

Police conducted search warrants of the apartment Wednesday. No charges have been filed.

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Tayler Ehlinger

I'm Bryce Ehlinger's cousin I and kinda close to Kevin and I hope Kevin will recover soon and come home.

Bryce Ehlinger
Bryce Ehlinger

I'm Kevin Ehlinger's son!

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