MAQUOKETA, Iowa — A Bettendorf man has been charged after police say the pickup he was driving plowed into a Maquoketa squad car stopped on U.S. 61 during a drug interdiction program.

The incident occurred at 3:56 p.m. Thursday. State Patrol Trooper Jimmy Lancaster charged Jeffrey McCraw of Bettendorf with unsafe approach to certain stationary vehicles.

Lancaster said McCraw was driving south on U.S. 61, and the squad car was parked on the inside shoulder with its emergency lights on. The trooper said McCraw failed to move over for the squad car and hit it in the right rear.

Officer Jayson Heiar was in the vehicle at the time but was not injured.

Maquoketa Police Chief Brad Koranda said Heiar and a Department of Transportation officer were in the Fulton area near 175th Street on U.S. 61. Heiar had just stopped a speeder and was in his squad car checking the status of the driver and the vehicle. The pickup then struck the squad car.

"The pickup hit the right rear side of the squad car and glanced off. That probably kept Heiar from getting hurt," Koranda said. "It broke off the back axle of the squad and the pickup's tire came off. That truck was also totaled.The driver was not injured."

Damage was listed at $15,000 to McCraw's 2007 Ford pickup and $15,000 to the city's 2011 Ford Crown Victoria.

I'm the city editor at the Quad-City Times. You can reach me at or 563-383-2450.

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