Genesis Medical Center

East Rusholme St., Davenport

Alger, Amy and Stuart, Andy, Davenport, girl, April 28.

Campbell, Dara and David, Eldridge, Iowa, girl, May 19.

Eberts, Katie and Bryan, Bettendorf, boy, May 12.

Ford, Karen and Craig, Bettendorf, girl, May 19.

Hall, Candy and Rodriguez, Joseph, Davenport, boy, May 19.

Keefer, Peggy and Dave, Clinton, Iowa, girl, May 13.

Lard, Tishawanna, Davenport, girl, May 19.

Montjoy, Lacrecia, Davenport, girl, May 19.

Murphy, Nicole and Timothy, Bettendorf, boy, May 19.

Newby, Jackie and Justin, East Moline, boy, May 19.

Robertson, Beth, LeClaire, Iowa, boy, May 16.

Sandercock, Tamara and Roy, Bettendorf, girl, May 19.

Willey, Heather, Davenport, girl, May 19.

Trinity Medical Center

7th Street Campus, Moline

Cruz, Tara and Francisco Jr., Hampton, Ill., boy, May 16.

Kososki, Maria, Rock Island, boy, May 18.

Mesich, Kathleen and Fiems, Christopher, Moline, boy, May 17.

Sureshbabu, Subhaprada and Balakrishnan, Suresh, Moline,  boy, May 18.

Fire calls



Daily EMS calls: 14



11:05 a.m., 2940 W. 73rd St., investigate.

12:03 p.m., 1820 E. 13th St., enforce code.

1:31 p.m., 7208 Jebens Ave., investigate.

9:18 p.m., 1403 W. 12th St., investigate.

10:01 p.m., 1713 LeClaire St., enforce code.

10:54 p.m., 3713 Sunnyside Ave., enforce code.

11:52 p.m., 2833 N. Lincoln Ave., investiage.

11:55 p.m., Locust & Tremont, power lines down.


1:59 a.m., 401 W. 4th St., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 27



7:24 a.m., 1359½ 13th Ave., mutual aid.

7:08 p.m., 411 37th St., illegal fire

10:14 p.m., 4325 26th Ave., vehicle fire.

10:31 p.m., 2424 41st St., vehicle fire.

Daily EMS calls: 9.


5:20 p.m., 1198 19th St./12th Ave., investigate.

Daily EMS calls: 6.

Real estate deeds


Cacarl, Benita, to Stephen Kilen, 1818 27th St., Rock Island, $120,000.

Campbell, Steven L. and Mary L., to Bryan M. Verschoore, 14201 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, $225,000.

Circello, Doreen E., to Hy-Vee Inc., 1830 29th St., Rock Island, $132,500.

Crosstowne Place Development, to Lisa Howard, 414 11th Ave. Ct. A., Silvis, $134,900.

Cueno, Frederick, to Scott and Julie Strader, 9902 108th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $190,000.

Danner, Merle L., to Steven D. and Julie L. Gowey, S20T16NR4W vacant land, Illinois City, $136,500.

Danner, Robert, to Frances L. Borhart, trustee, 14223 224th St. W., Illinois City, $672,000.

Darrell, Aaron K. and Sheryl A., to Steven W. and Karen A. Hanna, 4331 42nd Ave. Ct., Rock Island, $288,000.

Deer Ridge Villas, to Gregory D. and Tracy L. Reisenbigler, 1005 31st Ave., Silvis, $189,900.

Donis, Robert J. and Sharon A. Roth, to Melissa Pace, 5410 28th Ave., Moline, $123,000.


Holst, David F. III and Diane L., to SBK LC, Lot 3 Block 79 of Tract Survey 5727-88, Eldridge, $1,022,500.

Hull, Daniel A. and Brenda L., to Shawn K. and Karen M. McNeeley, 2510 Avalon Dr., Bettendorf, $142,000.

Lorentzen, LeLand R. and Stacey J., to John M. and Jayne E. Naughton, 4120 Lillie Ave., Davenport, $150,000.

Luu, Binh Hoc and Melanie S., to Brian E. and Danielle M. Schertz, 824 Brown St., Bettendorf, $160,500.

Mel Foster Co. Properties Inc., to Wilford B. and Karen Rawlings, 226 Pinehurst Dr., Eldridge, $221,000.



Weinert, Rita M. and Vincent C., 2833 4th St. Ct., East Moline, Northwest Bank and Trust, $150,000.

Whitrow, Jacqueline M. and William C. Sr., 2821 9 1/2 St., East Moline, Stonecreek Funding Corp., $104,000.


1014 South Dittmer Street LLC, S4T77NR3E, Davenport, U.S. Bank, $212,000.

Anderson, Claudia, 1948 W. 59th St., Davenport, Wells Fargo Bank, $137,600.

Anderson, Claudia, 1948 W. 59th St., Davenport, Wells Fargo Bank, $137,600.

Olinger, Donald S. and Wendy L., 1929 Valley Dr., Davenport, Wells Fargo Bank, $110,000.

Paustian Enterprises Ltd., S17T79NR2E, Scott County, 80 acres farmland, Scott County, Walcott Trust and Savings Bank, $274,500.

Pohlmann, Thomas L. and Colleen, 621 Westerfield Rd., Davenport, Wells Fargo Bank, $100,000.

Ray, Erika S. and Shawn E., 1928 College Ave., Davenport, Valley Bank, $105,247.

Shewry, Danna C., 700 S. 5th St., Eldridge, Valley Bank, $130,000.

Shinn, Franklin W. and Kristi D., 1235 Devils Glen Rd., Bettendorf, Wells Fargo Financial Iowa 3 Inc., $107,123.

Wall, Christina M. and Stevenson G., 5810 Duggleby Ave., Davenport, North American Savings Bank, $224,268.

Building permits


Wilkining, Richard, 319 S. 35th St., alteration commercial, Hoffman Construction Services, $26,200.


Krughel, Trisha, 420 6th Ave. N., garage, $13,000.

Norton, Katrina, 1008 10th St. S., pool, fence, $1,500.

Pieczysnki, James, 924 4th St. S., garage, ramp, steps, fence, $24,200.

Shaw, Scott, 301 Main Ave., commercial addition, change roof line, $25,000.

Woods, Leah L., 2122 Pershing Blvd., fence, $2,000.


Wilford, Bill, 1112 and 1114 W. LeClaire Rd., duplex, Bill Wilford, $228,456.


Hardy, Bruce, 1308 102nd Ave. W., re-roof house and garage, $1,600.

Heritage Wesleyan Church, 4801 44th St., double door, $1,000.

Hoskins, Willie L., 3305 11th St., re-roof, contractor Bill's Home Improvement, $2,200.

Isaacs, Kenneth L., 3320 37th St., roofing, contractor Joshua Ackerland Construction, $1,680.

Jalloh, Alice F., 1017 14 1/2 St., tear off and re-roof, $1,500.

Janecke, Duval R., 2900 22nd Ave., 24 vinyl windows, contractor John Wetherell Construction, $9,000.

Janecke, Duval R., 2900 22nd Ave., re-roof, contractor Durham Remodeling & Repair, $5,500.

Johnson, Eric O., 1412 35th Ave., furnace, A/C, contractor Central Mechanical Services, $3,373.

Kebler, Kevin R., 2526 29th Ave., install replacement windows in 3 existing openings, contractor M.J. Bennett construction, $3,914.

Kempf, Brian L., 3243 24th Ave., re-roof, $600.


Vallejo, Leta, 5007 48th St., Moline, roofing, contractor Dan Hanell Construction, $5,007.





Lage, Carey J. and Pamela S., 2378 41st St., Rock Island, Chapter 13, filed March 23.

Leverette, Levin L. and Janet C., 221 S. Tremont St. Apt. 2, Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 21.

McCune, John W., 250 Community Square Apt. 83, Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 22.

McDanel, Lorri K., 301 S. Henry, Box 224, Annawan, Chapter 7, filed March 15.

McMillin, Brenda L., 1513 Bunn Ave., Kewanee, Chapter 7, filed March 15.

Perez, Francisco V. Jr. and Julie M., 3324 26th St., Rock Island, Chapter 13, filed March 23.

Porter, Bridgette A., 1149 Florence Ave., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 22.

Sellon, Brenda L., 1351 W. Carl Sandburg Dr. 1007, Galesburg, Chapter 13, filed March 22.

Sellon, Mark I., 115 S. Union, Wataga, Chapter 13, filed March 22.

Singbush, Lorrane K., aka Lorraine K. Dockerty, 3341 46th Ave., Moline, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Sornberger, Nichole L., 558 N. Broad St., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 7.

Spurgetis, Timothy and Tiffany P., 603 13th Ave., Hampton, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Stropes, Audrey Y., 2808 W. 3rd St., Coal Valley, Chapter 7, filed March 17.

Surber, Virgil A. and Charlotte A., 229 E. 5th St., Galesburg, Chapter 7, filed March 15.


Beik, Amanda K., 16031 65th St., Wapello, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Bird, Todd A., 3128 McKinley Ave., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Birks, Jason P. and Sheri M., 313 4th Ave., DeWitt, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Blind, Jeffrey D. and Lisa M., 17099 293rd St., Long Grove, Chapter 7, filed March 23.

Boles, Connie L., 2328 Dunham, Clinton, Chapter 7, filed March 30.

Broderson, Gary A. and Kathleen D., 108 E. 7th St., Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 24.

Chapman, Tim J. and Jamie J., 2312 W. 54th St., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Cline, Stephanie A., fka Stephanie A. Smith, 1636 W. Pleasant St., Davenport, Chapter 7, filed March 28.

Collins, Matthew J., 41 Albany Park, Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 31.

Cox, Keith A. and Michele L., 1802 Houser St., Muscatine, Chapter 7, filed March 30.



Sanders, Raymond and Martha, 2451 180th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $29,980.38.

Schroeder, Randy and Marianne, 1525 29th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $19,842.77.

Schroeder, Randy, 1525 29th St., Bettendorf, Department of the Treasury, $107,228.59.

Stein, Richard and Linda S., 21564 Great River Dr., LeClaire, Department of the Treasury, $23,794.49.

Swanson, Gary A. and Janice R., 4104 Woodview Dr., Bettendorf, Iowa Department of Revenue, $11,405.75.

Marriage licenses


Sherrod, Eugene Jr. and Christina Crisp, Davenport.

Showalter, John E., Moline, and Jane A. Miller, Rock Island.

Wells, Michael J. and Maria J. Custer, Rock Island.

Westcott, Joseph R. and Denise L. Wood, Davenport.

Witte, Kenneth W. and Brenda S. Trent, Moline.


Lung, Sean P. and Christy M. Belk, DeWitt, Iowa.

Madden, Christopher M. and Amy J. Cook, Moline.

Madigan, Terry J. and Sarah J. Klauer, Davenport.

Maris, Andrus J. and Molly C. Riexinger, Davenport.

Mormann, Aaron P. and Audrey J. Gregan, Gainesville, Va.

Marriage dissolutions


Lohff, Linda K. and Harlan Lohff Jr., Bettendorf, April 28.

McGhee, Gloria J., Davenport, and Hayward L. McGhee, Bettendorf, April 25.

Miller, David J., Bettendorf, and Sharlene Y. Miller, Davenport, April 25.

Muzzey, April M. and David R. Bolinger, Davenport, April 20.

Drunken driving


Zaragoza, Thomas J., 32, of 4813 48th Ave., Moline, guilty, driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested Nov. 4 in Rock Island. Sentenced March 18, $495 fine, undergo alcohol treatment, 1-year supervision.


Minney, Torrey A., 33, of 1824 W. 6th St., Davenport, guilty, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Arrested Feb. 6 in Davenport. Sentenced April 28, 120-day jail sentence with all but 2 days suspended, $500 fine, $400 attorney fees, costs, surcharge, DARE surcharge, court costs, correctional fees, substance abuse evaluation, 1-year probation.

Criminal dispositions


Garner, James A., 32, of Silvis, Ill., guilty, bad check. Arrested Dec. 8 in Rock Island. Sentenced April 21, 1-year conditional discharge, victim restitution, costs.

Hostens, Michael E., 38, of 2610 39th Ave., Moline, guilty, retail theft. Arrested Dec. 14 in Moline. Sentenced April 25, 42-month jail sentence, costs.

Lam, Ronald, 46, of 1338 14th St., Rock Island, guilty, possession of a controlled substance. Arrested March 8 in Rock Island. Sentenced April 25, 2-year jail sentence.

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