Modern Woodmen Park

Modern Woodmen Park has a plan to add a zipline that is awaiting the approval of the Davenport City Council.

QUad-City Times file photo

Thrill seekers get ready — the Modern Woodmen Park zipline will debut next week, with Davenport City Council approval.

The city council will vote Monday on a measure that will close part of Gaines Street in front of the ballpark for two hours before and two hours after Quad-Cities River Bandits games. Aldermen were scheduled to meet ahead of Wednesday's regular council meeting for a work session on recent basement flooding in central Davenport.

The River Bandits plan to use the area in front of the stadium for part of the zipline running toward the Mississippi River, general manager Harold Craw said. Closing the street near a decorative concrete baseball diamond will also give the club other entertainment opportunities. Access would still be allowed to the parking lots on the west side of Gaines Street.

"We want to make sure we have a good visual for our fans," Craw said Friday.

The special move to approve the street closure is being done ahead of a River Bandits homestand that starts Tuesday against Cedar Rapids. Ticket prices for the zipline are still being considered but would likely include a package option, Craw said.

"We want to make it affordable," he said.

The zipline and a 90-foot Ferris wheel were planned as part of the River Bandits' expanded entertainment plan for the ballpark. Construction of the Ferris wheel's base has been hampered by a very wet spring that included Mississippi River flooding on two occasions.

The Ferris wheel is planned to go behind left field and requires caissons that would extend several feet into the ground. Construction hasn't been able to start because the ground has been too saturated for site preparation.

Construction contracts for the Ferris wheel have been added and removed from city council agendas on several occasions.