The former Lincoln Elementary School is a three-story brick building with a basement, containing 60,000 square feet of usable space. Additional information about the building’s structure is available by contacting Davenport Community School District administrator Scott Martin at 563-386-3351.

Proposals to repurpose the building should include, at a minimum:

1. Name of the organization, along with information about the person to be contacted in regard to the proposal

2. Brief history of the organization’s activities in the region

3. Details about activities that would take place in and around the building

4. How much of the building grounds would be used, including which months of the year

5. Description of any night and weekend activities

6. Statements about how the activity will benefit the city and the neighborhood

7. How much the organization is willing to pay on a monthly basis

8. Length of time in years that group visualizes using the Lincoln facility

9. Other information useful in evaluating the proposal.

Proposals should be sent by Oct. 31 to Superintendent (Lincoln Proposals), Davenport Community School District, 1606 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa, 52803.