DIXON, Ill. — U.S. Marshals say they’ve sold two more properties that belonged to imprisoned former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell, including a house and farmland to her brother.

The Telegraph in Dixon report the U.S. Marshals Service said Thursday that they closed the property sales on Monday. The sales brought in just more than $1 million. Crundwell was imprisoned earlier this month after she was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for stealing more than $53 million from the northern Illinois city.

Crundwell’s brother, Richard Humphrey Sr. bought a house and 40 acres of farmland for about $600,000. Dixon residents Wesley and Tammi Sherman bought another house for $400,000. Crundwell’s nephew previously purchased her horse ranch for $1.1 million.

One property is left to sell, a vacation home in Florida.

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USUALLY government seized property is not allowed to be sold to anyone related to or knowing the criminal. As you guys mentioned these people could be buying the property back for her with her stolen money that was hidden, its hard to believe that she spent $2.65M a year with no return on any of it and they did not mention seizing any cash. major fail by the government on this one!


I agree. it seems odd.


Does anyone else find it fishy that her family is buying up these properties? I would like to know where the money came from...

Jack S

I agree Murph..............I can't help but think she has hordes of $ stashed somewhere ?
and that horse operation (at the level it was ) could have been at least paying for itself...............?

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