A man driving a motorcycle in Riverdale was injured Sunday when a driver of a car disobeyed a stop sign and struck him, according to the accident investigator.

The man, who has not been identified by police pending notification of his family, was taken to Genesis Medical Center – East Rusholme Street, Davenport, Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Thompson said. The man's condition was unknown Sunday. 

The crash occurred about 2:15 p.m. Sunday at Eighth Street and Fenno Drive in Riverdale. The motorcycle driver was traveling east on State Street driving a red 2012 Honda 1800 motorcycle.

Sarah Elliott, 23, of Taylor Ridge, Ill., was driving a four-door tan 2002 Buick. She was turning left from Fenno Road to go east on State Street, when she hit the left rear of the motorcycle with the front right side of her car, Thompson said.

The collision sent the motorcycle and its driver into a side skid, with the motorcycle coming to a stop more than 200 feet away and the driver about 125 feet from the point of impact, Thompson said.

The motorcycle driver, who was not wearing a helmet, was transported to the hospital by Medic Ambulance, Thompson said. Elliott was cited for failure to obey a stop sign.

Other emergency responders who assisted at the scene included Scott County deputies, Bettendorf police, Medic Ambulance and Riverdale firefighters.

The accident remained under investigation late Sunday.

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I wasnt texting, failure to obey a stop sign was what I was ticked because they had to give me one. Witness even verified that I stopped fully. It was a simple case of an accident. I feel truly sorry for what happened but it was an accident. Yes he should have worn a helmet but one ever expects to get in an accident and yes I should have waited longer to turn but the sun was in my eyes an it looked clear.There was preventatives we both could have taken.

Terry W

Why report on accidents????? Because to HOPEFULLY make people aware of the fact that they need to PAY attention while behind the wheel. Put down their phones/texting. It is sickening that so many people are injured/killed because of these people that are not giving their full and complete attention to those around them. Maybe snore had you had someone you loved killed because of this you would feel differently. I say post EVERY single one of them......if it saves ONE person it is worth it.


Right. So this article is saving someone's life. NOT. They are looking for easy to report, dramatic stories. Investigative information, like the benefit of wearing or not wearing a helmet would be more helpful. Or specific investigation on driving distracted etc... Meanwhile, this is just another accident that happens everyday and will continue regardless of a simpleton story about the accident with questionable details.
And nice assumption that I haven't lost a loved one. Nice try on turning an 'attack' to me.

Terry W

Why don't you keep your complaining to yourself......attack.........yeah that is what I was doing. Get over yourself.


HMMM seems to me someone was complaining about texting and driving more than anyone one else was 'complaining' but whatever...
Get over yourself. Good statement.


Two things: 1. I have been riding motorcycles for 46 years, including motocross. I wear a helmet every time that I ride. Why? Because I have some brains to protect. I advocate the passing of mandatory helmet laws in Iowa and Illinois to help those who do not have brains to protect. 2. I have been amazed at the number of people who pull out in front of motorcycles (and other cars) while driving distracted by cell phones. If you kill me while driving distracted, you will go to jail. I have friends that will assure that. These type of killings are not accidents, they are criminal negligence. People now are working toward changes in the laws that would make this crime an aggravated homicide with mandatory long jail sentences. Think about this the next time you pick up your cell phone while driving.


People need to be aware of their surroundings when they are driving. Just yesterday a woman pulled out in front of my son on his motorcycle and, yes, he was wearing a helmet. She had no idea what she did. Pay attention people. You are driving heavy machinery.


They report them because they happen every weekend. Although it is almost never the biker's fault they also almost never have a hemet on. How stupid is that? And yes they did the same for the bicyclist.


Who's responsibility is it to decide if the rider should wear a helmet? If you follow the obvious pattern at this paper, it is obviously them. IF the rider doesn't want to wear a helmet that is THEIR choice. For me, I always wear one, but then again that is MY choice. How stupid is that? Do we really want to start naming things that are dumber than a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet? Let's start by running a stop sign and hitting an innocent bike rider....

Next is your incorrect comment on the bicyclist wearing a helmet. They didn't report it.

Sorry to correct you but they did NOT report on the bicyclist who was dragged by the 80 year old driver if they were wearing a helmet. I read the article and posted a comment about it (that this paper took down BTW).


You're tired of the reports; I'm tired of hearing "look out for bikers.". it's gonna happen all the time. You assume that risk when you straddle that machine so take some precautions. Put on a helmet.


You're tired of hearing to look out for bikers? Because following traffic laws upset you? Did you miss the part where I said that I DO wear a helmet? Probably so, just like you missed the part in the story about the bicyclist that didn't report if he was wearing one.

Yes everyone takes risks everyday. When you ride a motorcycle you take more than when you drive a car. Your point? Maybe the lady who drove through the stop sign should have paid attention to one of the stories about "watching for bikers". It would have helped her not mow down an innocent rider.

Your attitude of "it's going to happen all the time" shows your attitude on the subject. You feel that not wearing a helmet equals "you deserve it". We got it...


Sorry this happened but why do we have to hear about every motorcycle accident? Can't you find some other news but a car accident or house fire? Do something that requires some investigation and does some good in the community, there are plenty of things to look into...ask your customers if you need ideas. Snore.



For the same reason they post "not wearing a helmet" in every motorcycle story they post. The editors do not like motorcycles. Did they post if the bicycle rider that was drug under the car last week was wearing a helmet?

They have an agenda....

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