COLUMBUS JCT., Iowa — A Columbus student music group will not be allowed to perform for the Washington County Riverboat Foundation in December. The school board agreed on a 3-2 vote this week to support a decision by Superintendent Marlene Johnson to deny Beat for Peace the trip.

Johnson said the performance would have violated board policy that restricts school groups from meeting or holding activities on Wednesdays in order to promote church and family activities on that night.

The foundation had invited the group to perform during its Dec. 11 banquet. It has awarded two grants to the student group for instruments.

Johnson suggested the students invite the foundation to attend a future performance.

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In other action, the board:

  • Approved a series of board goals it had developed earlier this month during a special planning meeting. The board also agreed to develop a new vision and mission statement.
  • Approved new staff handbooks.
  • Adopted new building goals.
  • Learned this year’s enrollment would be 8.4 students down from last year’s enrollment of 828 students.