Can "D's" Rolling Smoke

Barbeque cook Willie Williams, owner of Can "D's" Rolling Smoke, stands in front of his freshly painted RV at 730 W. 3rd St., Davenport. Williams plans to serve food next month for customers at WaterPark Car Wash in Davenport and Moline.

Its yellow paint job made it stick out like a sore thumb last summer in downtown Davenport.

The RV, parked in a private lot at 730 W. 3rd St., first nabbed our attention in June during a search for food trucks in the Quad-Cities.

This spring, however, the 32-foot-long rig has a brand new look, and barbeque specialist Willie Williams hopes people stop by when they smell his cooking.

“When you taste my meat, you’re going to notice something different,” said Williams, who coined his mobile business, Can “D’s” Rolling Smoke. “People brag about my food.”

The 50-something Williams, who was “born, bred and fed” in Clarksdale, Mississippi, talked up his pulled pork and slow-cooked baby back ribs. He prepares each batch in a smoker, separate from the RV, with hickory wood logs.

In addition to the fresh artwork that adorns the exterior of the 1976 motorhome, Williams has a pair of new Puerto Rican cooks on board, ready to expand his menu. 

Mother-daughter duo Mayra Rodriguez and Xiomara “Zio” Correa are excited to unveil a collection of their homemade favorites.

One dish that sticks out is their Puerto Rican-style chicken and vegetable stew called, "pollo guisado."

"Everybody who’s tried it so far likes it," Williams said. 

Unless she cooks for her family, Rodriguez said she has to travel to Chicago to find quality Puerto Rican food. 

"It's delicious and we don't have it around here," she said.

Can "D's" will introduce their full menu to customers next month at WaterPark Car Wash in Davenport and Moline.

Lee Calabria, who helps manage both of WaterPark's locations, said the crew's wide range of offerings caught his eye.  

“We’re looking for variety and diversity and I think they provide a bit of both,” Calabria said. 

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