A commanding officer from Rock Island was removed from the job after humiliating three reservists in front of other sailors, a Navy report says.

Lt. Cmdr. Jack O'Neill was in charge of Navy Operational Support Center Rock Island until March 19.

An investigative report released Wednesday by Navy Reserve Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., says O'Neill was upset several sailors missed physical training during a drill weekend. He ordered those sailors to perform a body-building exercise in front of others, with each saying "I do what I want" after each repetition.

The report was obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act.

The sailors said they were embarrassed. O'Neill later apologized.

The Navy considers the incident hazing. It happened weeks after a hazing prevention office was created.

Sailors in the command reported the hazing incident after a routine drill the weekend of March 9-10 and an investigation took place.

O’Neill, 42, was reassigned temporarily to the Army Garrison on the Arsenal. Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Cissell has taken command of the support center temporarily.

O’Neill had been in command of the operations support center since July 2011. 

The support center on the Arsenal is one of 122 nationwide. The centers train and provide support to reservists.

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Are you kidding me????? These 3 pukes failed to show up for mandatory weight control workouts that they had been assigned to numerous times, then showed up late in March. LtCmdr Neill should have been considered well within his duty as a leader of men to make an example of these slackers to bring them back up to standards they had agreed to upon enlistment. He further should have written them up as AWOL for the missed workouts and performed a Captain's Mast.


Well, it looks like we can rule out 'The Feats of Strength' next Festivus.
What's next, banning 'The Airing of Grievences' :)


I suggest these "soldiers" watch the movie Full Metal Jacket. See what it used to be like. You have it good these days.

Jack S

.............that exercise routine was " humiliating" ?!?!..............my....... how times have changed !


Talking about going overboard...unless there is more to the story they should have been thankful that was their punishment instead of a letter of reprimand of article 15 punishment The military unfortunately has had some bad apples creating bad news, so now the services feel they have to react quickly and harshly for anything that may appear to damage the reputation of the military.


What are the chances that these same reservists were late or missing for duty several times before? Sometimes it is necessary to demonstrate that there are penalties for dereliction of duty. You should be where you are assigned when you are assigned. Its not that hard.The punishment was meted out in view of other reservists as a deterent to others, so maybe, there woudn't be repeat offenders in the future. Sometimes , the rules need to be reviewed in a way that most people understand. If one shows respect, chances are you'll get respect. I don't think the commander was shown respect. Get off his back so the real offenders might realize the errors of their ways.


This really teaches discipline, don't show up for work, get punished, and then get your boss fired.


well, they have a new "hazing office" we are paying for so I guess they felt they better use it for something. Bad timing on the officers part.


Seriously, this is hazing? We used to call it training. /navy man from the 70s sighs/

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