DES MOINES  — Some parents have reported that a substitute school bus driver shoved kids and yelled at them during their ride home from a Des Moines elementary school.

District officials say their investigation found no wrongdoing. The parents don’t agree with the district’s assessment and want the driver fired.

The Des Moines Register reports   that a group of parents whose kids attend South Union Elementary School have filed a police report that says the driver physically assaulted several students on Monday afternoon.

One parent, Brandy Gooding, says that besides shoving the students, the driver “was slamming on his brakes, making the kids fly forward on the bus.” She also says he was profane when talking to the students and parents.

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The bus should have a video camera. That will settle this right away.


While I agree some parents do not disipline their children and some kids these days really get out of hand, I do not think the bus driver has a right to drive recklessly and shove students.


Yes, let's have the parents of these "abused" children volunteer to be a bus monitor for a week.


I doubt the driver would had needed to do that had the parents raised and disiplined their children to be responsible people.

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