IOWA CITY — A 25-year-old Iowa man is accused of posting on a woman’s Facebook page a nude photo of her he found on her smartphone after he took it at a bar.

Authorities say that Atancio Frausto is charged with theft and harassment. Police say he either stole the smartphone or found it at the Union Bar in Iowa City on Jan. 23, 2011.

Police say Frausto uploaded the photo, and then sent her a text that said she could get back her phone if she had sex with him. Police say the woman was “mortified, alarmed, embarrassed and very upset” when told by friends about the nude photo being online.

A public phone listing for Frausto could not be found. Online court records don’t list the name of his attorney.

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Duh, it's Iowa City, ever hear them read the police reports on KCJJ. LOL

Check out Cap't Steve and Tommy online.


Sorry, but i read your username as "crotchunter". It just seemed fitting with this article.


Hmmmm not taking nude pics of ones self could have kept that from happening.


Right! Why would you keep naked pictures of yourself on a MOBILE device???


I agree another good reason not to be on facebook!


Give her a catscan. Just to cofirm that she is brain dead for having the photo on her dumb phone.


I totally agree with you. How dumb can you get nude pictures on your phone and of your self none the less? Beside you never known what sick person may get a hold of your cell phone. Oh! By the way she is also sick for have nude pictures of herself on her phone in the first place. I think it is a formula for trouble and she is a living example of what not to do with a cell phone. I sure hope she is proud of her picture because the world is looking at all of her. Smile pretty for the camera, your on face book


That's why you should always lock your cell phone. Never know who's hands it will end up in.


Funny – She got her phone back, and didn't even have to give in to this creep's demands.

Throw the book at Mr. Frausto ... and permanently unfriend his Facebook account!

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